Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bob, Fred, KNJ, and other names

This Blog is a continuation of another blog I started.

There are three "people" who write this blog:
Sean - A recreation leadership student from California living in Idaho.
Bob - A made up character who is in love with and committed to Fred.
Fred - A made up character who is in love with and committed to Bob.

(Please note that both Bob and Fred have very different personalities.)

For security purposes, all other names are left off and instead either their initials are used or a name that they prefer is used. For example: Splatt, ProvoPR, ~Gu~, brother, sister, father, and mother aren't their real names. Those are names selected by me or by those people as ways they want to be established on this blog.

Everyone else gets initials: EB, SM, JG, etc.

One person in particular gets a KNJ. This is my ex-fiance, ex-best friend, ex-reason for living. The last blog had a lot of information on it about her. I hope to do less of that now.

Now occasionally you will see an actual name on here. The reason for that is, it's linked to some other website (usually a news web site) and they published the name. If I credit the other website, I figure I'm in compliance with copyright laws and every other law.


This blog was created for 4 Purposes:

1. So that I can write the deep thoughts that are on my mind in a satirical way.
2. To help me develope my writing style.
3. To update my friends and family on my life.
4. To keep my father happy - he seems to think I'm a good writer and he wants me to write more often.

Most of the posts that come from reasons 1 & 2 will remain.
Posts resulting from reason 3 will be deleted from time to time.


This blog was created for the purpose of sharing my experiences with my friends and family. For the most part - it is for entertainment.

I welcome comments except when they are mean spirited or if they don't contribute to the general feel of the blog. If you are going to post - post with a name. Annoyomous posts will be deleted without consideration.

Thank you and Love,