Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Irony, $$, stats, and English

I was dipping around on myspace today. (Yes I know - I have a 15 page essay I need to proofread and I have a ton of Stats work to to, but I needed a mental break)

While I was there I ran across a group called Pageant 2006. I joined up of course. While I was there, I ran across a picture of this guy. He's a year older than me. My ex-girlfriend KNJ was really weirded out by this guy. Really weirded out. Like she wouldn't stay in the same room with him, unless I was there.

Anyway, I found out he was married. Guess who he married. KNJ's 20 year old cousin. There is actually a pic on her myspace website of KNJ being a bridesmaid for Erin. That's what I call irony.

On a different note, I'm saddended to report that I'm poor again. I got a scholarship this semester. I still took out my normal amounts in student loans though, hoping to have a bunch of money at the end of the semester to do stuff with (Like go to Cali for a 3rd time this year. Or to go see Grandma, or to buy a car [shh...don't tell dad about that one...]).

So I was saddened to see that I'm still poor in this, the last few days of the semester. So I checked out my bank statements and was reminded of why I'm poor again:

$381 for my new Dell computer after my old computer up and died on me.
$90 for two new Epinepherine shots
$80 for Drugs
$78 Madison Memorial
$~50 Madison Memorial
$23 Madison's Doctor Service
$~80 Mountain Valley Imaging
$348 Madison Memorial
(the last 5 are from my ER trip.)

In Total: ~$1100

This is in addition to two items I purchased that I thought I had budgeted for (I didn't realize my ER trip was going to cost me so much):

Ipod Nano - $150
Rowing Machine - $130

Gee - no wonder I'm poor.

Oh well. At least I have my Stats book and essay to keep me happy.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Every now and then I consider becoming Amish. Mainly this thought comes to me when I think of getting dressed in the morning or when I'm considering asking a girl on a date.

As my sister will attest - I'm not the best well dressed boy. I have a tendency to wear what ever is next in the closet. My outfit doesn't nessesarily have to match or even be close to complimentary. I just wear what's next. The Amish lifestyle begs me to join it's ranks on clothe selection alone. Black pants, solid colored shirts, black hats and suspendors. what could be more simple than that. In fact, the women have it even better. I'm not known to date women that wear make-up. I hate make-up. I like my women "plain" or "natural." Whose more natural that an Amish girl? Solid colored dresses, no make-up, not a lot of jewlery. This in combination with bunned hair. How cute!

Dating would be another reason why I would enjoy being Amish. It's pretty simple. You marry whose in your village when they reach the age of 18 or 19 and the guy is in his early 20's. There isn't a lot of dating. Guys ask a girl and she says yes or no and then they get married in late October. Simple - and definately not expensive. None of this having to court her with flowers and candies and expensive rings. Just simple down home eenie meenie minie moe.

My last reason for being Amish would be because of the chosen career path. For a guy who has changed his major about 13 times in 2 years, having your occupation preassigned is a pretty cool idea. I'm going to grow hay, raise cattle and have a good old fashion barn raising every now and then. A little hard work and a little sweat, but in the end...no 13 majors to choose from.

However, as I looked over an Amish website yesterday, I was reminded of why I'm not Amish. Two major reasons occured. 1. I am scared of horses. 2. They have internet access on the farms which means no blogging. And what would life be like with out blogging?? It would be primative.
I'm glad I'm not Amish.