Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"First rule in Fight Club

...Don't talk about fight club! Second Rule about Fight Club: DON"T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!"

Oh well.

In the past three weeks an interesting phenomenon has started in Rexburg. Tuesday Night Fights has started. It is rumored to have started at either Tuscany or Rockland, but it has blossomed into a secret society of boxing. Last night was no exception. It was carried out in the Heritage lounge. I didn't go, but I've seen some video of the event. It's no holds bar boxing. Each person dons a pair of boxing gloves and they go at it. Last night had about 5 fights before it was broken up by Rexburg PD. 3 of the fights were guy on guy. The other 2 were girl on girl. I've only seen video from two of the fights from last night: 1 guy fight and 1 girl fight. The girl fight was vicious with eventually the one girl (who was pretty hot) being knocked to the ground.

This new group is interesting on two parts. 1. If they ever get caught by the administration - every student attending runs the risk of getting kicked out of school. 2. It is a supposed secret society. But ever since the nightclub got shut down, those students that need to live a little on the edge have been searching for something to do. So word is spreading. Last nights gathering had at least 200 students at it.

Here are some links of some of the original fights that helped lead to last night (Last nights haven't been posted yet):

Rockland 1
Rockland 2 (Please note the picture of the prophet on the mantel)
Rockland 3

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Black History and Wind Ensemble

So...You've all been looking for black history posts, right? Yeah...about that. I am really busy this semester. I've been trying to post a blog on Oprah for about 10 days now - because let's be honest: hasn't she been the most influential black woman America has ever seen? Rosa Parks is close, but she never gave a car to 300 people at one time...

After 10 days, I still haven't had time to post. So, I'm just going to not do it this year. I'll pick it up next year from my new blog (because next year will no longer be "Life in Idaho." It will be "Life in Washington," "Life in Colorado" or "Life in Texas.").

I have been so busy this semester. I usually watch about 30 minutes of TV during the week: "The Office." But this past week I even skipped The Office so that I could go to a wind ensemble concert. If you remember, last semester SZ had me take her to a jazz concert. While there I was reminded how much I like brass instruments.

This particular wind ensemble concert had a focus was on Sousa. (That's right MR. "Stars & Stripes Forever.") It was an amazing concert. The performers were amazing. Each breath they took resulted in beautiful stirring music. There were two parts I didn't like, though. One was this opera singer. I'm not sure what an opera singer was doing at a wind ensemble concert, but she was there and wasn't impressed (I should mention that I'm never impressed with opera singers). The other part I didn't like was at the end. As part of the closing number, they had this massive American Flag drop from the ceiling, which of course meant everyone stood, which resulted in a standing ovation at the end. I felt kind of cheated into the standing ovation. I would have given it anyway, I just don't like being tricked into it.

Oh, but the songs were amazing. They didn't just stick to Sousa. There was Gershwin, Berlin, Brion, and even Kabalevsky. And each note was perfect. It was worth missing The Office for.

On a side note, SZ was performing. She mentioned she was thinking of joining wind ensemble shortly before we broke-up, but I never knew her decision and then eventually forgot about it. I grossly underestimated her level of talent. I know the caliber of the performers she was playing with and she kept up with them. There was a part when 5 of the performers moved away from the music stands and used piccolos in front of the audience. SZ was in that group and performed marvelously. It was very impressive.

On another side note, I have since watched the episode of The Office that I missed. I didn't miss much.