Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my peeps

Antioch, CA

Getting ready for the Easter Tradition.

Monday, March 30, 2009

baby bunnie birth control

Antioch, CA

On Saturday I reconstructed the rabbit runs. Now the closest the sons will get to getting their mother pregnant is by looking at her through the fence. I know, I'm a love hating monster. Oh well, I can still sleep at night.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In flight show

Antioch, CA

Yesterday, one of the things my father gave me was this wood plane. Instantly, as I took it out of the package, I had a great memory return from my childhood. My brother grew up with a kid named Kenny. Kenny was...interesting. A good example of Kenny would be the night he convinced my brother to see how long it took to blow up an egg in the microwave, and then spraying the microwave with Right Guard Deodorant to get rid of the smell. Another example of Kenny would be the day my brother and him were at an amusement park in Santa Clara. With a little free time on their hands, they went out and bumped cars to set off car alarms - to see who was going to get off their rides, come rushing out of the park to see if their car was okay.
Today the memory I am reminded of is the day Kenny got a similar plane. He attached three Black Cat Firecrackers to it (one on each big wing tip and one in the center with a bit longer fuse. He then lit them, held it for a few seconds and then sent it into flight. When the fire got to the end of the fuse, the plane disintegrated in mid air. It was cool to watch - and totally Kenny.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buildings closing in


I went to the city for a fancy party today.

(A Day in the Life of Sean - March 2009)

Friday, March 27, 2009

An apple tree in progress

Oakley, CA

I finally had time today to take down the snowchild and put up something for spring/summer. On Monday I'll print off apples to be colored by clients (it is an "activity for daily living" skill they must master). I figure this can last until September where we'll put something like this up.

**Because the artistic design will be lost on my 5 year-old clients and on my 35 year-old co-workers, there was a purpose behind the way I did the tree. I felt that the snowchild was very 2-D and I wanted the tree to be more full, and pop out a little more, so I cut out various leaf clusters and put them on top of each other. I figured if I put up just a single sheet the tree wouldn't pop out as much. I'm still not happy with it but I have 6 months to get it right. (I'm also not happy with the clouds and I'll probably tweak them either in shape or in color.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

preparing for a french dip

Antioch, CA

So I need to learn to stop opening my mouth. On Sunday the children and the mom were sitting around discussing the children's new chores. (They didn't have any before). It was decided that you get one night to do clean the kitchen and do your laundry. I adventured out of my room to ask for Thursday nights for laundry and dishes. Then I suggested that the children need to learn how to cook (I did this because I get tired of them bitching to their mother about them being hungry. More than once I have suggested they feed them selves and they say "I don't know how.") The 17 year-old chimed in and said "That's a great idea. And Sean should have to cook too." So tonight I had the blessing of cooking dinner. If I got put on a jury yesterday - I was going to buy pizza. Instead tonight I made french dip sandwiches and curly french fries.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Anni

Today marks the 4th year since I started blogging. Wow has a lot happened since then. In the first year there was a lot of posting about KNJ and EVO - Grills. Since I have started blogging I have graduated from college, started a wheelchair basketball program at BYUI and traveled much of the western and mid-western United States. From that single blog, several other blogs have launched successfully. In fact, I'm not even sure this is a accurate list, because from my blog, other have started blogging which resulted in even other blogging.

1. Bob and Fred's Blog - killed thanks to stalker Tom
2. Rexburg sled report - killed after three weeks of no snow
3. Rexburg Gossip - killed because I ran out of gossip until today - Craigos is moving and becoming a full Italian resteraunt.
4. Sean's Dating life - killed because of stalker Tom and Sean was dating Erika for a while.
5. I know Harold King - killed because I have writer's block, but used to show the humor in knowing my friend Harold and the influence he has.
6. Sean's Spiritual blog - Killed because of stalker Tom.
7. Southern Idaho Spirit
8. Life in Idaho
9. John's blog
10. Katie's blog
11. Jenni's blog
12. ~Gu's~ blog (Formerly am)
13. Dun's Blog (Formerly AM and ProvoPRguy)
14. Sean's attempt at fiction writing
15. Photo a Day - which in turn has created PADs by
Bonnie, John, Jenn, Melinda, Gu, Dun, Tric and Nina
16. Lake Affected
17. Melinda
18. Mama in Beta
19. And there were all of those blogs created for Adaptive Services at BYUI that have since been destroyed per the request of the school's new Activities website (that sucks).
20. Beyond the Cut
21. Dear Missionary
Plus others I'm too tired to remember or link to.

I'm sure there are others and even more that I will create, but just can't remember them all. Needless to say - it has been a great, funny & therapeutic 4 years an I look forward to more.

Jury Duty

Martinez, CA

For the first time in my life - I had jury duty today. However, after 4 hours of sittin' around, I, along with about 25 others, got kicked out of the pool for reasons not explained while about 75 people got to stick around.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you card for 2 birthdays

Antioch, CA

Today I got in the mail this card with the following inscribed:

"Dear Uncle Sean,
Thank you so much for my doctor books. I really love the pictures, especially of the bloody heart. I really like everything doctor and I have been taking my books everywhere. Mommy really likes to see the disgust on people's faces when they realize what they are looking at. Ever since we dissected the cow eye, I want to see pictures of increasingly gross things. We are glad you were there at the start of it all. "

I think I should win a prize for not only best uncle but best brother-in-law. Not only did I get the kid what she wanted but the gift was so good that my sister-in-law gets to use it too - to gross other people out. Go me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

looking for quarters

Antioch, CA

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Antioch, CA

On Friday night, Shell was giving me crap about not having the Joby Gorilla with me. Truth be told, I was missing a piece of it in my room. Today I had a little photo shoot with my Gorilla (after I found the missing piece) . Enjoy the shoot.

Amye: This is a bad pic of a Gorilla. Plus this is a picture of me using my Gorilla at work.

Rexburg Temple fly over

I'm not one for a lot of youTube, but I was looking for something else when I found this. I LOVE this video. Especially the down shots. I can't imagine standing out in the cold flying an RC plane to get this video, which makes me even more grateful for this guy.

I am reminded of a kite photographer who flew a kite in Oakland until Temple security told him to stop. However - he did get this shot first.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Oakley CA

One of my customers has two new cats. One is really timid and then there is Scout. She was all over the place and all over me today. Because she is so active it was bloody freaking hard to get this shot.

Friday, March 20, 2009

sporting the green

Vallejo, CA

A friend of mine was showing me all of the green she was wearing on St. Patrick's day tonight. Yes that is green plaid shorts.

Post #650, 651 days since day 1.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

digging in again

Antioch, CA

I started clawing up the soil again. Soon we will dump a trailer load of horse poo on it and till in some other nutrients and then plant. All in all it should take a month or so.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House Ivy and Don't know

Oakley, Ca

The first picture is from a house I saw about 6 months ago that had ivy all over it. Today on my hike I saw it again without ivy. The Second picture I discovered on my hike and I don't have a clue what it is. Anyone? the picture was taken a few feet from where I geotagged the city, state.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

protected sewage

Oakley, CA

There are literally 4 fences protecting this pipe that is the sewage conduit.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Pleasant Hill, CA

I found out today that I won't be taking any classes come summer. So these shots on school nights that suck...not going to happen come summer.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

North side

Oakland, CA

I had a friend loan me a tri-pod (that costs more than my camera) for yesterday's hike and tonight's picture.

(BTC from Yesterday)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

more bridge

Vallejo, CA

more bridge

Vallejo, CA

tried the gift

Are trials a gift from God?

Friday, March 13, 2009



I had dinner with an old friend from Idaho tonight. She's in town for an English Professor's conference. This was the lighting in the lobby at her hotel.

(BTC - a special video BTC)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was recently reviewing Craigslist looking for a rototiller. I found one for $30 in Willis CA. I quickly went over to google maps and figured out the distance and was instantly excited. I really like to drive. I love being on an open road and just driving. While some people are all about the destination, I really enjoy the journey. But this drive wouldn't be complete without a co-pilot. Preferably a co-pilot of the female persuasion and my best friend.

There was a time in my life where I had such a co-pilot. She fit in my truck right next to me (I have a bench seat). and we went all over. We stopped when we wanted to and drove for the rest. We had picnics and went to stores and even libraries in little towns and communities in California, Idaho and Utah. It was really nice. And I miss it.
18 months is a really long time. It is enough time for one and even two people to change, gain focuss, find new perspectives. 10 months is actually just enough time to do that. Another 8 months is there to reconcile what happened in 10 months. Those 18 months can be a little challenging when a conversation can take 2 - 4 weeks to happen. And if those conversations are sensitive...sometimes they don't even occur.
There is potential for co-pilots, but not the same co-pilots as I had before. And I'm not sure how to reconcile that in my head. Do I take on the potential co-pilots even thoughI know it won't be the same - or do I just drive it alone for now and hope that some day I will have a best friend again? One that likes the drive, the journey, and the ride next to me. One that can accept my fears, my struggles and my joys. One that can be patient with me if I sometimes get lost or if I jump in reverse from time to time. One that can both figuratively and literally help me fix my broken tires. I wonder if there are co-pilots like that out there still.
I may not get the rototiller this weekend, but I look forward to a drive anyway.

Mission Impossible


This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

Dad: I want to go from a 5X10 to a 5X5. I'm this close to convincing myself that I can part with Mom's couch. (Even though I feel out of my mind to do it.) I think we will need to build a dual platform that resembles my old college bed platform. The first platform should be 4.5'X2' and about 4.5' tall. I figure we can load the desk under it and put the dresser on it. Then we could install the second platform/shelf 4.5'X2.5' and about 4.5' tall. Put the computer desk underneath and then pile in boxes. There is at least 12 feet before you hit ceiling. The platforms should be mobile enough that we could install them in about 60 minutes and I could spend the rest of the day transferring the stuff from one unit to another. The reason I say two platforms is because I think we should have access to the first back part of the storage unit and stuff it full before making it extremely difficult to get to. Because the platforms are only 4.5 feet wide, I figure They only need end uprights and maybe kickstand legs at the 2 foot marks - if that. Thoughts?

Everyone else: This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Once we get to moving day I would love the support of a few people to help move the plethora of crap I own from one unit to another unit. Any takers?

(More stuff)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Pacheco CA

I run a carpool on Wednesday nights. My passenger was running late. So I set out to take pictures.

(For Sale - Free to first legitimate theatre organization)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SandCreek Sunset

Brentwood, CA

I know how much Stacy LOVES sunset pictures, and figuring I haven't taken one for a while...this was at the highway 4 bypass and Sand Creek Road.

Advertising that scent of urine and Cheerios

25. Sometimes I think pee smells like Cheerios. - Time Magazine

About 6 weeks ago, Time published an article where the author shared some of the things he had learned about his friends from their lists of "25 things" on Facebook. The last one was the above fact.
Ever since that day I have been trying to figure out a way to help Cheerios use this in a marketing campaign. Every time I thought of one, I would write it down. I think I finally have the time to combine my lists.

"Cheerios and Urine - same great scent, just one tastes better."

"In considering where to get your scent from, remember that of Cheerios and Urine - only one doesn't require you to dig a whole and squat in the forest."

"Cheerios - same great scent as Urine without the need to hold yourself."

"To achieve that great scent of Urine and Cheerios, use Cheerios. A bowl of cereal takes less effort than a big brother holding your child down or having your child watch a scary movie near bed time. "

"Cheerios and Urine - both can be done at a ballpark to get a great smell, but only one do you have to share with a bunch of icky men in a trough."

"Childhood Cheerios Cereal - Brought to you by EPT. The scent on our sticks will lead to the scent your toddler will be clamoring for."

"Cheerios and Urine - Same great scent both only one bowl away."

Monday, March 9, 2009


Oakley CA

The 16 year-old turned 17 today and the 9 year-old turned 10 today. I bought the 10 year-old a lego set. The 17 year-old doesn't really like me, so I chose not to buy her a mini-rose bush but instead opted for the ranunculus above.

(BTC - Gorilla)
(BTC - Sorry Shell)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the 13 year-old speaks

The 13 year-old talks a lot.

13 - Is that your loose tooth? (pointing to the tooth in his mouth)
7 - Yup. It just keeps wiggling. It hurts to wiggle though.
13 - Has it come out yet?
9 year-old - Yup and we pushed it back in.

13 - I wonder if Bunnies have pornography.
me - Yup - it's called the Discovery Channel.
13 - What is so special about this cake?
me - It will turn your poo green.
13 - but it is already green.
me - Yes but this will be green like Kermit. Basically you'll be pooing out Kermit.

(two days later while we have guests over)
me - Does anyone want this last piece of cake?
13 - No it turned my poo really green.
me - {13 year-old} Why are you looking at your poo?
13 - I wanted to see what Kermit looked like.

(After blowing air through an envelope and making a high pitched squeal)

13 - One time I was in the bedroom and I had to fart but I was trying to hold it in so I squeezed my butt cheeks. It came out anyway and it went up my butt crack and squealed just like that. Before I could undo my cheeks I did it again and it tickled my back and made a high pitched squeal again.

(While talking about people that move out when they are 17)

me - I think Catherine will move out on June 18th but won't turn 18 until October. She can't stand her step-mother.
13 - How old is she now?

back in the cage

Antioch, CA

All four broke free today and made a run for it. I tried to use Zoe to heard them back in, but she would either run from them or lick them. Supper made it through the neighbor's fence, but thankfully their dog was able to scare Supper back over at which point we caught her and threw her back in the cage.
(Lunch is photoed above)

Katie talks

In case you miss it, see here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

shark tractor

Pleasanton, CA

They had the pink one too, but I chose this one instead.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost a silver lining

Oakley, CA

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

blowing out the candles

Antioch, Ca

The 6 year-old turned 7 today.

(BTC - Cake Aglow)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Oakley, CA

It felt like I spent a lot of time in the truck today. I started the morning in Antioch dropping off a wheelchair at the Antioch Office. Then it was off to Martinez for a company meeting. Then back to Antioch to drop off a co-worker. Then to Oakley to buy gas, pick up the mail (My Walla Walla University packet arrived), then to work then back home to Antioch. After dinner I considered driving to Institute but decided I was done driving and stayed in with the kids and played Life and Sequence. (I won at Sequence but got my trash handed to me by a 6 year-old at Life. He kept getting kids and life tiles.)

The new girl

18 months after my mother died I came home for Christmas. 2 months prior, just before Halloween, I slipped into a major depression brought on "delayed grieving" syndrome and a fiance leaving me. The Delayed grieving crippled me and I was unable to deal with school and work and just needed some place to feel safe and to return to some usual settings. I figured Christmas with my dad might help.
On Christmas morning, my father and I sat down and had our traditional Christmas breakfast of a Sugar Plum Ring. This is a tradition my mother started and was a tradition that we never went without (even with my mother and I's numerous hospital Christmas stay overs). We gathered the night before and made this master piece and awaited the morning for the feast.
Just a few bites into the meal there was a knock at the door. "Jimmy! Jimmy! Merry Christmas! Here I brought you a gift."
My dad's new girlfriend had arrived. She insisted on my dad opening her gift, right there in front of me and as we feasted over my mother's traditional breakfast. Inside was a pair of boxers. I was shocked. And embarrassed. And angry. and a whole other slew of emotions.
I tried to laugh it off. "I thought you were a briefs kind of guy, dad."
"But wouldn't he look cuter in Boxers." Was her response.

My father, in my mind, had only ever slept with my mother. I don't know how often or for how long and I was just fine not knowing whether my dad was getting any. I think what goes on in the privacy of your own bedroom is your own business. Furthermore, I would have rather not known as I was eating my mother's Sugar Plum Ring that my father was getting some again. I found her act to be really disrespectful to me and to my mother. Each time over the next three years when she would offer advice, I always had a hard time taking it because it usually contradicted with my thought process and I usually didn't want to listen to her motherly advice after she had been so disrespectful to my mother the first time around.

On Saturday I attended a symphony. In the crowd was my dad with his new girlfriend. I was late (a fateful run in with the Utah Wheelin Jazz players) and so I had to sit in the balcony. Below me was my father and this new woman. Through the course of the first "act" I observed them cuddling and holding hands. During intermission we met. She was conservatively dressed. She talked to me as an adult. She wanted to know more about me and to share interesting things about herself. At no point did she try to give advice or to point out that her and my father were affectionately involved. In fact, as we stood there they didn't even hold hands (though they did do plenty of that during the second "act"). After the show, she went back to trying to ask me questions and try to get to know my father and I better (and get to know our relationship better). She never at any point went out of her way to embarrass me. It was nice.

In no way is my dad needing my approval for who he dates. For the most part - he lives his life and I live mine. But I must admit it was so nice to leave the symphony on Saturday with my guard down. It was a great feeling.

Monday, March 2, 2009

PTSD Notes

Pleasant Hill, CA

Sunday, March 1, 2009

over the rainbow and into a cake

Oakland CA

Last night at the concert I had the following conversation:

Ben - Happy Birthday Sean
me - Thanks but my birthday was 2 months ago.
Ben - Oh -- Well then why is my wife making a cake for you?
me - She mentioned on Facebook that she was making cakes and asked if any one would want one. You know how much I love your wife's cooking so I said why not. I'm bringing her some Green Velvet Cake as an exchange.
Ben - Oh. Okay.

Tonight at the concert (the top picture is Jenny Oaks Baker playing "Over the Rainbow"), Allysa gave me a cake (that is delicious). On the top of the cake reads "It's not your Birthday." I'm not sure if that is more for me or her Husband to realize.