Tuesday, January 30, 2007


While this won't matter to most of you - I had an interesting experience at lunch today. I had lunch with Elder Eyring's son. He was at BYU-Idaho doing some business. He was sitting two over from me and as this kid and I engaged in conversation about housing prices in the Bay Area (this kid just got home from the California San Jose Mission), this older gentleman chimed in. At the end of the conversation this kid I was talking to said "Good bye brother Erying." I turned to the older man and said "Brother Eyring? Are you any relation to Elder Eyring?" He said "That's my dad." Then, without skipping a beat, I asked, "That's great. Hey could you do me a favor? Could you pass a message on to Elder Scott for me?..."

Monday, January 29, 2007

little update

Hi All. People have started calling me asking about me - so I figure it is time to update you all on my life.

Job - I am an on-call model along with about 6 other people. My number hasn't come up yet so I've got no stories to tell you. Still no one at BYU-Idaho has seen me half naked except for those people I used to swim with my first year here. My goal is still to let some lucky girl see me completely naked before I graduate, but right now I'm not courting anyone so I doubt that goal will be achieved. I don't even really have any potentials.

Graduation - I'll graduate July 18th, 2007 with a BS degree in Sociology. Instead of a minor I'll have two clusters - one in Public Relations and one in Literature. After that I'm planning on moving. I'm looking for work in Denver, Seattle and San Antonio. I have a week off between winter semester and summer semester. I'm either going to Seattle or Denver for a little recon mission. (I was going to go to Wiscon. but I need to go look for work instead.)

Why no blog - For the first time in my college career - my classes are more important to me than my extraciricular activities. This is coming from the guy who always aspired to the quote by Mark Twain "I never let school get in the way of my education." But I'm really enjoying my classes but they involve a lot of reading - so I read and read. Additionally, I'm working on a project with the Mechanical Engineering Department to design better, yet still inexpensive, wheelchairs so that WCB can go on after I leave (I'm currently the only wheelchair mechanic on campus). Lastly, I'm working with my father on a project for my niece's b'day in February. That project involves a lot.

I hope you are all well. I promise I'll post my first nude modeling experience.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I got a job - As a Nude Model

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I have updated in a while. My life went from peaceful to accelerated with one small decision. Instead of graduating in July, I decided to graduate in April. That meant taking 5 classes this semester instead of just the one. It meant begging to get into those classes and then getting Fin aid to transfer money around and do a whole bunch other stuff. Now everything is settled. My classes are settled and I'm ready to start returning to a normal life.

However, one more duck had to fall into place before life was settled. I had to get a job. Today I got word that I will be working as a BYU-Idaho Nude Model this semester. BYU-Idaho's Art Department hires "average" people to draw pictures of. I'm "average." So I will be working 1-3 days a week as a model for the art department.

Now - before you throw up...I won't be completely nude. Not among all of these nice little Mormon kids. Nope - instead I'll be wearing shorts that my new boss said were the equivalent of wearing a Speedo.

I know my sister (who was an art major) will be happy to hear I'm progressing the word of art. For me, though, it just sounds like a cool job. How many people get to put on their resume that they were a model?? I can.