Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When the rains come, time to build the Ark has ended

My mind has been focused on Faith recently. I have been pondering the actions of Faith. In our church we have the Articles of Faith. Faith without works is dead. So really it is the Articles of Work. Along those lines, then, it isn't simply "We believe...." but it becomes "Men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam's transgressions." There is no faith unless it is done, unless there is work.

On Sunday, President Westover, my current stake president, started talking about Noah building the Ark. I don't remember what exactly he said, but my heart wrote these notes:
What is it like to have a vision of your people, tell them of their imminent destruction and then watch them ignore you? And then to be about the task of building an Ark to rescue your family before the flood comes - all the while being mocked by those that declare drought. True faith - to be told of the coming tide of destruction and to go about preparing despite those around you. President Westover stated "I fear we are just dealing with life as it comes at us, and not by preparing for it."

How do we prepare for a flood in a drought - well if it's a coming flood of temptation and dark sin, we use the time we have to become fully converted to the Lord. President Westover said "Testimony is a point of departure, not a point of arrival" or in other words, you start with a testimony in a journey of becoming completely converted to the Lord. You use that testimony to grow in faith of Jesus Christ, His prophets and His leaders.

My friend commented on Facebook today about exchange she had with her mother. She stated that it was raining so hard she wish she had an Ark. Her mother replied "When the time of the rains comes, the time for building has ended."

I wonder if I am sufficiently building my Ark. Am I becoming for fully converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ each day? Am I taking my testimony out on a test drive or on long distance road trips, or do I keep it parked in the garage, collecting dust and not miles? As a scoutmaster, I've told scouts about doom that will accompany them, if they don't prepare for the camp out. And at times I've had to watch them make mistakes and suffer from poor preparation. Am I any better of a Scout when it comes to Scoutmaster Christ?