Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm going to rant. Fair warning.

I love the United States Troops. I have tried 11 times to join up (much to my families dismay). I have written to soldiers and tried multible times to budget for Any Soldier.

I'm severly disappointed in this administration. First they lower the vetrans benefits two weeks after they start a war (that by the way, was pre planned according to a memo that recently surfaced.). Now they are punishing soldiers for wanting to protect themselves. If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about - The Government didn't provide our soldiers with effective body armor or vehicle armor at the begining of the war (or for the first year for that matter). This was first reported by CNN, but I've confirmed it with my friends who have served in Iraq. (I live with a Vet who is more than willing to confirm my questions.) My friend Josh confirmed it for me too. So what our soldiers do is take the scrap metal from dumps or from warehouses or where ever the heck they can and arm themselves. Some of it is really heavey stuff that slows them or their humvees down. But it protects them better and keeps our brave soldiers alive.

A little while ago, families started buying up personal armor for their soldier kin. This upgrading can cost up to thousands of dollars, but it keeps them ALIVE. After complaints from about 50,000 familes the government agreed to reimburse families for this expense (which should have been the government's expense to begin with.) . Now they are refusing to reimburse and furthermore are refusing to allow soldiers to wear the stuff they have bought. So the government isn't happy killing off armed soldiers, we now are going disarm them so it's easier to kill them. Way to go US government. Anything to screw a soldier.

My last rant on this, if this is something Bush believes in soo much in - why are his Alcoholic daughters not serving in the armed forces? I wonder if they were, would the government arm up our troops better? Because at this point - Bush doesn't care.

(On a different note - Lou Dobbs says the US shouldn't have St. Patrick's Day. What an idiots!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


On a clear New Year's eve 2001 My father and I (and the bank) bought a 1997 Toyota Pick up truck. It had 67,137 miles on it.

Today I drove past the 167,137 mark on my truck. Those are 100,000 miles of pure joy.

(On a different note - I'd like to give congrats to "Splatt." She got into her dream program at BYU today.)

I'm perfect.

For the past two days, I've been talking with USU about their Rehab program. I e-mailed them. They e-mailed me. I e-mailed them and lastly, they e-mailed me.

I initially e-mailed them a request for program information. This is the response I got:

Dear Sean,

Thank you for your interest in the Rehabilitation Counselor Education distance program at Utah State University. I will forward your e-mail to the RCE secretary and she will send you an information packet. In the meantime, you can find most of the information you need about our program here. You may also start your on-line application to USU's graduate school here

If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

This is my response:

I have tried to find a list of prerequisites for the program. I have seen the 3.0 GPA requirement, the letters of reference, but there doesn't seem to be a list of classes I would need to get into the program. Is there such a list and where can I view it?

Thank you,

They wrote back to say:

Good morning Sean,

There are no prerequisites to get into this program. It is inclusive. We accept any undergraduate degree. However, there are some degrees that are better preparation than others, such as sociology, psychology, health science, communication disorders, or special education.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

I wrote back to say:

Is there a profile of an ideal candidate for your program? Do you prefer experience or education?
For example, I taught Special Education for 8 years as an assistant. I am a psychology major with 1/2 of a minor in sociology (the other half is in literature). I've worked for two rehabilitation councilors and currently work for a therapeutic recreation leadership councilor. As I prepare for your program - is there an area I need to focus on to become your ideal candidate?

Thank you,

Their last e-mail was as such:

We don't have a profile of an ideal candidate. Actually, you sound ideal. I'd recommend that you simply follow the procedure to apply for our program and graduate school.

If you'd like to talk to one of our professors, you might contact Dr. Julie XXXXX, our program director. She can answer any specific questions that you may have much better than I can. I've CCed her on this e-mail so you can find her address there, or her phone # is 435-XXX-XXXX.

Thanks again for your interest in our program.

In other words - I'm perfect, at least to be a rehab councilor.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I'm thinking of buzzing my hair - I wonder if any one cares.

Cook Book

While I was in Utah this past weekend, I ate a meal at OSF and some mexican resteraunt (that was freaking awesome). However, I also enjoyed three delicious meals with a world class chef. This is not the first time I have been blessed with a great cook while traveling. Both ~Gu~ and Sis are great chefs. And I know why.

I have had the blessing of touring both kitchens. Both kitchens have something I don't. Cookbooks. I assume that every kitchen has a cookbook of some sort. What makes ~Gu~'s and Sis's cookbooks better is they are actually read and marked up. Both have those sticky notes keeping track of the good recipes. Both are prominetly displayed. Both are used regularily.

I am what you would call "cookingly boring." Tonight for dinner I had rice, chicken tenders, and brown gravy all mixed together. I'm sure if I am to ever get over my boring cooking three things will have to happen:
1. Graduate from school so that I can go home to cook at night.
2. Have a better kitchen.
3. Buy a good cookbook.

When I was in ~Gu~'s kitchen I wrote down the ISBN number, but now I can't find it. Oh well. It's okay - I'm at least a year off from getting through with requirements 1 & 2.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A little something in the air

(First off - Tomorrow is Splatt's Birthday. Happy 21st Birthday.)

Do you feel that something special feeling around you? You know something special is going on, but you can't quite put your finger on it. What is important about Saturday? Why does Saturday play such an important role in your weekly life?


On Friday the 25th of March 2005, I started writing my first blog. That's right, one year ago Saturday, your life was forever changed. It started out slow with no foundation and with little thought of where it would go. I wasn't sure what to write or how to write. What do you include? What do you exclude? Some great lessons were learned:
1. Don't relate too much personal information or show pictures or KNJ will send you a nasty e-mail.
2. Do include funny embarrassing tibits from your life.
3. Don't be affraid to create a new blog, even if you end up killing it later.
4. Moderate your comments so that you don't get "comment spam".
5. Do allow comments - sometimes the comments are funnier than the post.

This first blog has resulted in several other blogs:
1. Bob and Fred's Blog - killed thanks to stalker Tom
2. Rexburg sled report - killed after three weeks of no snow
3. Rexburg Gossip - killed because I ran out of gossip until today - Craigos is moving and becoming a full Italian resteraunt.
4. Sean's Dating life - killed because of stalker Tom and Sean was dating Erika for a while.
5. I know Harold King - killed because I have writer's block, but used to show the humor in knowing my friend Harold and the influence he has.
6. Sean's Spiritual blog - Killed because of stalker Tom.
7. Southern Idaho Spirit
8. Life in Idaho
9. John's blog
10. Katie's blog
11. Jenni's blog
12. ~Gu's~ blog (Formerly am)
13. Dun's Blog (Formerly AM and ProvoPRguy)
14. Sean's attempt at fiction writing (coming soon to a computer screen near you!)

I have been axiously awaiting this day so that I could give you a number of times the blogs have referred to KNJ, EVO-Grills, and Murderball, but with the other blogs killed, I don't have an accurate count. Alot is my guestimate.

I will be in Utah on Saturday watching a Murderball practice, so I'll post this now.

Happy 1 Year Blogging!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Who thinks this crap up?

Tonight for dinner I had baked potato, BBQ (via Gearge Foreman) Steak (marinated in this GREAT marinade), a side of pasta, and a bowl of ice cream. It was freaking awesome.

My title comes from breakfast, though. I have German Pancakes every now and then for breakfast. It's from a recipe that KNJ gave me. (Which oddly enough, I don't remember her being German. Jewish heritage yes. She's from New Zealand I thought...but I digress). Anyway - the recipe is 6 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1cup of flour, and a half of stick of butter. You blend the first three in a blender. You put the butter in the pan, and put the pan into the oven while you "pre-heat" the oven. Then you pour the batter into the pan and cook for 15 minutes. It tastes lovely.

But here is my question...who thinks this stuff up? What German house wife was sitting in her hut one day and said:

"Hmmm..I've got 6 eggs, a cup of milk, and 1 cup of flower. What am I going to cook for breakfast? Wait!! I know, I'll wait until the day they invent the blender and I'll Blend it all together and make....something. Now what should I can it? Oh I know! 'Helga's eggs'. Wait no. How about 'German Pancakes'? Yeah - that's it - 'German Pancakes.' "

The closest I come to creating recipe's is " I've got some rice and some peanut, I'll go to Sonic."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Aye Lassy. I am quite the handy man.

Happy St. Patrick's day! I'm not sure which one, but I'm sure one of Katie's kids shares their birthday with this holiday too. So Happy Birthday Kid!

One of my friends recently referred to me as handy. Which got me thinking. In the last year I have done the following:

Sheet rocked half of the down stairs in the house in Oregon
Built the most awesome grills, while living in Oregon
Fixed the bikes Adaptive Services uses (this includes both on the fly repairs and more detailed repairs)
Fixed the Bowling Ramp Adaptive Services uses.
Fixed the foot rest on the Wheelchair owned by Adaptive.
Fixed the spokes on the same chair.
Fixed the breaks on 4 other wheelchairs
Built 4 bookshelves
Built 1 dining room table
Built 2 computer desks
Consulted on a set for a play in Oregon
Built the Spook alley for BYU-Idaho's halloween (Even gave a girl tentanus too)
Fixed a cane
Fixed it again in a different spot
Fixed it a third time in one last spot.
Fixed a LCD projector
Installed Gutters in Oregon (for 4 days)
Installed a stove fan
rotatilled a back yard
Built a compost box
traced electrical lines through a two story house
Installed up-to-code electrical plugs through out the same house
Mounted a $800 flat screen TV to a fall and ran all of the electrical and cable connections.
(Admitidly, those last 6 were done with my father having lead and me have the assistant role)
Rebuilt a trailor (almost)

Right now I'm building a plane, consulting on a TV stand and a bed design (though my favorite bed plan still eludes me. I want the bed that Deseret Industries makes. And I will some day.)

Today I took apart a "shopping" cart a non-traditional student with Adaptive uses for her can recycling business. (Her bearings were all gooped up and the wheels wouldn't turn right. I took out the axels, cleaned them, greased them up, cleaned the housings, greased the housings, and put it all back together. Where you could hear her 500 yards off, now you can't here anything)

Come summer I'm installing steps to a deck out in Teton.

There are still three projects I'd like to complete but will have to wait.

I would like to buy and modify a 1960's or 1970's VW Bus.
I'd like to buy a trailer and modify it to suit my needs.
I'd like to rebuild my friendship with KNJ.

But after looking at that list, DUN might be right... Aye Laddy - I am handy.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

you stay right there while I get the belt

Today has been a truly awesome day. It starts with me getting off of work early. I came home to finish up work on my clusters. What are clusters you ask? BYU-Idaho is rethinking education. In the diverse world we live in, sometimes companies require more experience than what just a major and minor can provide for you. So BYU-Idaho provides the choice of the former mentioned course or, instead, a major and two clusters.

For people like me that have changed their majors more times than you change your socks, it allows me to get a cluster or two in the areas that I initially studying in.

I have one cluster in "Social Perspectives in English Literature," which comes from my days of an English Major. This cluster is already completed. I won't have to take any more additional classes for this cluster. My second Cluster is in "Sociology". 3 of the classes are already taken. Only one more to take.

After you dream up these Clusters you have to get two signatures. One from the advising office and one from the department head. Then you turn your form into the Registar. I completed the forms on my English one on Tuesday and today I got my Sociology one completed. They are turned in and already posted on the computer. I'm done with my clusters. Now over the weekend I have to petition for my major change to Psychology. Once I do that, I will be set to Graduate April 28th 2007.

The next piece of happy news is I'm THIN. I noticed about a week ago that my pants were pretty loose. I've worn all my pants this week (all 7 of them) and I have started out with my belt at the normal loop hole and moved it down one later in the day. I'm thinner in all my pants and have had to tighten my belt with every pair. I'm thinner!!! Woo hoo. Maybe Jared is right. By eating more Subway and less Sonic. Maybe it was moving to whole wheat bagels for breakfast instead of donuts. Maybe it's because I drink only water and the occasional IBC Cherry Limeade and not the high levels of kool-aide KNJ got me addicted to. But what ever the reason - I'm actually getting thinner! Awesome.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Adventures in KY

In my life time I have had the opportunity to be in 8 car crashes. In just my last three weeks in high school I was privledged to be in three in three weeks. (Rear ended, Side swiped, rear ended). Of the 8 car accidents, I've never been at fault. Dumb luck considering the way I drive.

Because of those car accidents, I have recieved substantial chiropractic care. I paid for this in two ways. One was with private insurance, the other was by using money recieved in a settlement. When I got too old to have my parents insurance and I no longer had settlement money to pay for chiropractic, I was forced to find other ways to have comfort.

One of those ways was to get a massage twice a month. This worked the soft tissue in my neck and shoulders and eased out the pain. The price of 30 - 60 minute massages was a whole lot less than the cost of chiropractic care.

Another way was to get girlfriends or other friends to give me free massages (to her credit, KNJ was probably the best amateur massage person I had with JPF coming in a close second). However, in able to be successful at this, you need massage oil. So I bought some about 5 years ago, and then again 4 years ago. The bottle from 5 years ago got punctured in the move from Beaverton Oregon to Rexburg in April 2005. The other bottle ran out last month from personal massages.

I'm trying to save money for my trip to CA, so I'm limiting my self to one massage a month until I can return to the perfect arms of Kim. So I've been trying to give my self massages when I need them. Well, on Tuesday my neck and shoulders became enflamed and tylonel just wouldn't do the trick. So I went to all three "major" stores in Rexburg. Broulims and Albertson's couldn't help me. They don't sell massage oils. Wal Mart was my last choice. They don't seel massage oils either, but they do sell KY lubercant and body massage oil. This type of oil is not used for the exact purposes I intended, but it will warm away the pain, and I can use it to massage my neck until I can get down to Idaho Falls Mall and get real massage oil.

Now I would like you to visualize this. I haven't had sex in about 9 years. I'm standing in the lubericant isle at Wal-mart trying to figure out which product of KY would feel the best on my neck. KY doesn't come with directions but it does come with 6 different types of lubericant. Have you ever stood in a Wal-mart looking at KY lubericant trying to figure out which one goes on your neck? Add to your imagination being in Rexburg and I'm not wearing a wedding ring. It was a little uncomfortable, but man does it feel good on my neck. I went with this one.

Monday, March 13, 2006

More adventures in food - the fish

In the last 10 years I've had fish three times. Every time was with KNJ.

As I now work at a grocery store in the meat department and as I'm now trying to be more adventerous in my eating habits, I'm trying different tyes of food.

Tonight for dinner I tried yet another adventure. I had fish from Gorton's. It was two Pollock fillets coated in italian herb seasoning. (I would have gotten a fillet from the service counter, but I'm having problems getting a book and a pair of sweats back from KNJ. Getting recipes out of her...I can only imagine). It didn't taste that bad. John and KNJ used to tell me that the sause or seasoning is key. If that is the case, Goton did a good job seasoning. I'd be willing to try it again or something else with fish. However, that said, I'm not really into the whole breaded thing, and a lot of what we sell is breaded fish.

(For those keeping score at home)
Sushi - check - approved
Peanut Butter - Check - approved
Banana - Check - yucky
Fish (Pollock) - Check - not that bad


So I'm trying to research Masters programs. I went from knowing of two on Friday to knowing of 99 on Saturday.

I won't have time to reasearch all 99 of them. This is where you come in. Please look over the list (warning it's in PDF format) and tell me if you know something good or bad about any of those colleges.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

The journey

For some reason, I really like the joy of a long distance road trip. This is a concept lost on my sister who flies every where and offeres every year to fly me out to Wisconsin instead of having me drive for 2 or 3 days. She sees my trip as a destination and I see it as a journey. The adventure for me is in the adventure of the sights you see while traveling down the road at 70 MPH, not through the air at 300 MPH. This is also one of the times when my father and I are at our best - as friends - on the open road. I just love the journey.

I find this a lot in my life. A few years ago, my best friend JPF killed a car of his. It was actually impounded by the police for missing a tail pipe. At the time, my father owned a VW Quantum. My father had blown the head gasket on the car and had taken apart the engine, but not gotten any further on it. When JPF killed his car, my father and I got together and decided to fix his Quantum and give it to JPF. It was a lot of fun working with my dad to get that car's engine going again. Once the project was complete wasn't as satisfying as was working on the project together. The journey, not the destination.

Now days in my life I am on two journeys. One is a journey of self. I'm in Idaho discovering who I am. I'm discovering my "religion" as Dr. Peck refers to it as:

"...Consequently, among the members of the human race there exists an extraordinary breadth and sophistication of our understanding of what life is about. This understanding is our Religion....And to make matters worse, most of us are not even fully aware of our own world views, much less of the experience from which they are derived....One of our problems is that very few of us have developed any distinctive personal life. Everything about us seems secondhand, even our emotions."

This is my journey. It frustrates my father to no end that I'm on this journey. He would just like me to figure out what and who I am in life and move on with it. Destination. But this journey is so important. I need to know now who and what I am before I can go anywhere. So who I am changes regularily. The graduate degree from last semester may not be the graduate degree I want next semester. The world view I had yesterday migh be different tomorrow depending on what I experience today. It's in the journey.
Some days I hate this journey, but I know it's important.

The other journey I'm on is less serious. I'm a builder. I like working with my hands. My father and I were drawing up plans to build a tear drop trailer when I got accepted at BYU-Idaho. I've since decided I no longer want to travel the US with a trailer. Maybe I'll own a tear drop some day, but it's not as important.
However, I still feel the need to work with my hands. ~Gu~ wants me to build her a bed frame in a few weeks which won't be that hard. I'll copy the design my father built my bed out of. (It will be easy if they own a circular saw. It will take longer with the hand saw.)
Additionally, I'm in the process of building a plane. A remote control plane. But this will soon be done and I will need a new project.

I will post later what I wish my next journey of a project would be...


Keeping with the four reasons why I keep a Blog. This will equate to reason number 3.

As some of you already know, EB prayed about "us" (which I find hilarious because there is no "us." We weren't in a committed relationship or anything). She felt inspired to tell me we shouldn't date any more. So that's that. 6 weeks, 5 quarts of Ice cream, and a whole lot of hand holding down the drain. Worst off, I didn't learn a damn thing. She told me I was a great guy but felt we needed to break up. This is the same problem I have with Amanda. If you don't want to date - fine. But tell me WHY, so that I can improve.
I have found that in my life I am very mature in certain areas and not so much in others. I'm mature when it comes to working, getting projects done, interacting with people on a professional level such as in the theatre or while working for Adaptive Services. I'm not as mature in my study habits or in my dating. People think I am, but I'm not. But I'm trying. I know I'm not like the normal date. But how am I to improve when people like EB & Amanda don't tell me what they didn't like. I love KNJ and hate KNJ because of this. At least KNJ told me on the last day what she didn't like about dating me. It allows me to improve. But to not tell me does two things: I don't grow and it makes it difficult for the next girl. The only real thing I've learned from this is, I hate dating in Idaho. In Cali I always had a girlfriend and dating was fun and full of life. Here, dating is movies & bowling and the girls are weird. GRR!

Stalker Tom

Do you like the new place? This new blog is brought to you via Stalker Tom. He was using the information posted on the blog, the name on the e-mail account (which is an alias) and BYU-Idaho's website to figure out who I was and where I lived. Instead of going through and finding all of the places I made a personal reference to my self, I just deleted the blog. I'm sorry for the confusion but I don't trust people on the internet that are trying to figure out who I am. I've actually changed out all of my e-mail addresses associated with this blog, changed out my username, and changed all of the blog addresses. Plus, I found out that blogger will not post your blog on their search files if you do this certain thing. So Tom can search all he wants, but no blogs will show up.


I'm one of those type of people that has learned how to play the game. I know who I can be rude to and who I need to respect. I know what to say and when to say it. Some people never do learn that. Take this article for example. Asher didn't start WCB. In fact, I wouldn't have never read the article if it wasn't for others who had started WCB e-mailing me the article. But that isn't really the part that gets to me. It where he says:

“We need more people to participate to get the school to fund it to make it more competitive,” Davison said.

Right now the school rents wheelchairs, but they are expensive and clunky, making it hard for basketball, Davison said.

The school already is funding the program, which they don't have to. The school is not required to offer WCB. They do because they see people enjoy playing it. But it isn't a guarantee. The school also offers adaptive bowling, adaptive cycling and adaptive skiing. Things like this take politics to get going. But Asher made some people upset with his comments. We (Adaptive Services) was in the process of trying to get some higher ups in the school to buy us chairs, but after reading Asher’s comments, certain people in the administration is second guessing that idea. They don’t think Asher appreciates what he has now.

In able to let Asher gain an appreciation for what it takes to get WCB off the ground, Adaptive Services put him in charge of the next game. The WCB committee from fall 2005 wrote a manual to help future game organizers have success. Asher flat out told Adaptive that he doesn’t need the manual. Furthermore, the manual states the rules for playing at BYU-Idaho. If WCB is to take off and be sustained as a sport that the school pays for and allows, certain rules must be followed. Asher said he didn’t like some of the rules and doesn’t plan on following them.

How dumb do you have to be, to not see what you are doing? If the rules aren’t followed, the school doesn’t support the program and the WCB games go away. Why would someone do that to themselves?

An Addict is born

So a few days ago ~Gu~ got internet in her apartment. This resulted in her starting her own blog. She is now blogging every day. I'm so glad I could help in her developing an addiction.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Embarrassing moments in the life of Sean

I'm 6 feet tall. I'm actually 6 feet even. Ironically, my shower head in the apartment shower is 5 foot 10 inches up on the wall. For the most part, this isn't a problem, until I get to cleaning my hair. I either need to kneel or I just sit on the shower floor (which I clean all the time so don't get all scared about germs.) I also have a tendency to sit in the shower because I'm tired in the morning and sitting there allows the warm water to wake me up and it allows my legs some more time to not use up their energy.

This morning I was sitting down when I noticed it was time to get out and get dressed and go to work. I went to stand up when my head hit the cold water knobby thing. I got to tell you that that hurt. It hurt so much that I woke up a roommate (actually, I think it was my head hitting athat actually woke him up). And now I have a small bump on my head from where it hit.

The Moral of the story - when I get older I'm buying a house with a bigger shower stall (like the one above that I tried 5 times to position down here).

Monday, March 6, 2006

"I could hide out under there...

...I just made you say 'underwear." - Bare Naked Ladies from their song "Pinch me"

On Saturday I got to go to the laundry mat. As I've said in the past, that is by far one of my most favorite places to go. When people ask me what I would do if I ever won the lottery, almost immeadiately my first response is "Buy 4 washers and 4 dryers." Because let's be honest - one washer takes forever. To do your laundry is like an all day chore. At a laundry mat, though, you can be done in about 1 1/2 hours. Maybe two if you're drying towels.

As I was at the laundry mat on Saturday I got to be thinking about underwear. What is the shelf life of underwear. From age 0 to age 4, the shelf life of the underwear is until the next poo; Anywhere from a few hours to a few minutes. From age 5 to age 11 the underwear seems to have a shelf life of about a year as your little butt grows bigger and bigger and your underwear gets tighter and tighter. Additionally, in boys at least, those years are filled with the abuse of staining them with mud, blood and rug burns as boys do the things that boys do.

Also during those 6 years the style of Underwear changes. Panties start out pink with "My Little Pony" graphics on them. Boys underwear is blue with images of "Transformers" or "G.I. Joe" on them. Then over time, at least for guys (I'm not privledged to know what my 5th grade female classmates were wearing under those bratty smiles), the underwear becomes less action figure orionated and more colored. For example, mine were dark reds and blues.

In 6th grade - the piniacle of the elementary career; the big fish in the small pond experience where those little 1st grade fish hide from you as you swim down the halls - most schools allow you to go to science camp. (My first and last time kissing a banana slug.) My brother had the foreknowledge to change from the colored underwear to Whitey Tighties. (this benefitted me, because Mom bought me some Whitey Tighties prior to my 6th grade science camp which saved me a ton of embarrassment dished out to the other colored underwear children.)

The Whitey Tighties rule your world for another 2 to 5 years. The range is incomplete because in high school I was introduced to something called "Boxers." Boxers are the underwear that are just like shorts. Some people in high school really got into them. I didn't, so I stayed in the 5 year catagory with my Whitey Tighties.

Another thing introduced in high school is something called the thong. KNJ and I decided that a thong is really nothing more than butt floss, for those girls trying to avoid getting a butt cavity. If they ate less sugar they wouldn't need the butt floss thong.

Finally, if you are Mormon, you get special undergarments to remind you of the sacred covenants you made to God. Most members get this when they are 19 or older depending on when they are ready to make those covenants.

Then at age 65 or older, your underwear changes back to a shelf life of a few hours, waiting for the next poo.

I am currently in those Mormon Undergarments years that span 45+ years. And this is what has me thinking...What is the shelf life of my undergarments? Most of my current undergarments come from a trip I made in 2002 to Boise with my mother. I'm not sure where Mothers get these ideas in their heads, but she decided I needed new undergarments. I have a few pairs newer than that because it was easier to buy more than do laundry. But for the most part, my undergarments are 7 - 4 years old. I wonder what their shelf life is?

(And people think my thought process is weird - who would have thunk?)

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Biking Weather

EB has a class that lets out at 5:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally I'll go pick her up. That's what I did today. She had her bike with her and so I told her, if she wanted to, we could go back to my place and get my bike. So we did. First we went on a ride through campus. Then we went to her place to drop off her school bag and pick up her grocery list. We biked to my grocery store. We biked back to her place. Then I biked home. On Saturday we are going to make some adjustments to her bike which will probably lead to another biking adventure. My dad will be so proud.

Oh, and she admitted tonight that she likes me. (-: