Sunday, March 29, 2009

In flight show

Antioch, CA

Yesterday, one of the things my father gave me was this wood plane. Instantly, as I took it out of the package, I had a great memory return from my childhood. My brother grew up with a kid named Kenny. Kenny was...interesting. A good example of Kenny would be the night he convinced my brother to see how long it took to blow up an egg in the microwave, and then spraying the microwave with Right Guard Deodorant to get rid of the smell. Another example of Kenny would be the day my brother and him were at an amusement park in Santa Clara. With a little free time on their hands, they went out and bumped cars to set off car alarms - to see who was going to get off their rides, come rushing out of the park to see if their car was okay.
Today the memory I am reminded of is the day Kenny got a similar plane. He attached three Black Cat Firecrackers to it (one on each big wing tip and one in the center with a bit longer fuse. He then lit them, held it for a few seconds and then sent it into flight. When the fire got to the end of the fuse, the plane disintegrated in mid air. It was cool to watch - and totally Kenny.

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