Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Anni

Today marks the 4th year since I started blogging. Wow has a lot happened since then. In the first year there was a lot of posting about KNJ and EVO - Grills. Since I have started blogging I have graduated from college, started a wheelchair basketball program at BYUI and traveled much of the western and mid-western United States. From that single blog, several other blogs have launched successfully. In fact, I'm not even sure this is a accurate list, because from my blog, other have started blogging which resulted in even other blogging.

1. Bob and Fred's Blog - killed thanks to stalker Tom
2. Rexburg sled report - killed after three weeks of no snow
3. Rexburg Gossip - killed because I ran out of gossip until today - Craigos is moving and becoming a full Italian resteraunt.
4. Sean's Dating life - killed because of stalker Tom and Sean was dating Erika for a while.
5. I know Harold King - killed because I have writer's block, but used to show the humor in knowing my friend Harold and the influence he has.
6. Sean's Spiritual blog - Killed because of stalker Tom.
7. Southern Idaho Spirit
8. Life in Idaho
9. John's blog
10. Katie's blog
11. Jenni's blog
12. ~Gu's~ blog (Formerly am)
13. Dun's Blog (Formerly AM and ProvoPRguy)
14. Sean's attempt at fiction writing
15. Photo a Day - which in turn has created PADs by
Bonnie, John, Jenn, Melinda, Gu, Dun, Tric and Nina
16. Lake Affected
17. Melinda
18. Mama in Beta
19. And there were all of those blogs created for Adaptive Services at BYUI that have since been destroyed per the request of the school's new Activities website (that sucks).
20. Beyond the Cut
21. Dear Missionary
Plus others I'm too tired to remember or link to.

I'm sure there are others and even more that I will create, but just can't remember them all. Needless to say - it has been a great, funny & therapeutic 4 years an I look forward to more.

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