Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Advertising that scent of urine and Cheerios

25. Sometimes I think pee smells like Cheerios. - Time Magazine

About 6 weeks ago, Time published an article where the author shared some of the things he had learned about his friends from their lists of "25 things" on Facebook. The last one was the above fact.
Ever since that day I have been trying to figure out a way to help Cheerios use this in a marketing campaign. Every time I thought of one, I would write it down. I think I finally have the time to combine my lists.

"Cheerios and Urine - same great scent, just one tastes better."

"In considering where to get your scent from, remember that of Cheerios and Urine - only one doesn't require you to dig a whole and squat in the forest."

"Cheerios - same great scent as Urine without the need to hold yourself."

"To achieve that great scent of Urine and Cheerios, use Cheerios. A bowl of cereal takes less effort than a big brother holding your child down or having your child watch a scary movie near bed time. "

"Cheerios and Urine - both can be done at a ballpark to get a great smell, but only one do you have to share with a bunch of icky men in a trough."

"Childhood Cheerios Cereal - Brought to you by EPT. The scent on our sticks will lead to the scent your toddler will be clamoring for."

"Cheerios and Urine - Same great scent both only one bowl away."

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