Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mission Impossible


This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

Dad: I want to go from a 5X10 to a 5X5. I'm this close to convincing myself that I can part with Mom's couch. (Even though I feel out of my mind to do it.) I think we will need to build a dual platform that resembles my old college bed platform. The first platform should be 4.5'X2' and about 4.5' tall. I figure we can load the desk under it and put the dresser on it. Then we could install the second platform/shelf 4.5'X2.5' and about 4.5' tall. Put the computer desk underneath and then pile in boxes. There is at least 12 feet before you hit ceiling. The platforms should be mobile enough that we could install them in about 60 minutes and I could spend the rest of the day transferring the stuff from one unit to another. The reason I say two platforms is because I think we should have access to the first back part of the storage unit and stuff it full before making it extremely difficult to get to. Because the platforms are only 4.5 feet wide, I figure They only need end uprights and maybe kickstand legs at the 2 foot marks - if that. Thoughts?

Everyone else: This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Once we get to moving day I would love the support of a few people to help move the plethora of crap I own from one unit to another unit. Any takers?

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  1. i would love to help- the problem would be getting to CA to help...

  2. That's fine. I'm all moved out now. Everything I own is with me at my new place.