Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From the last few weeks

"Uncle Sean, She's a medium teacher." - My niece after I asked her if her new Kindergarden teacher was short or tall.

"You guys really jumped the gun. I'm not sure what I'm doing for the rest of the week, let alone for Thanksgiving." - my father in response to his girlfriend and I hammering out the plans for Thanksgiving.

"I used to live in Oakland, so I know what it sounded like." A student at Deer Valley explaining why she was a good witness to the high school shooting. Evidently being a former resident of Oakland is all the training you need.

"Duh Uncle Sean. I'm wearing an A's shirt right now." - My niece in response to my question if she still liked the Oakland A's. This conversation occured while talking on the phone - me in CA her in Wisconsin.

"As we crossed this time I still was curious but I didn't ask outloud." - John after returning from a trip to Utah from CA. Several years ago John and I crossed and as we were between Winnemucca and Battle Mountain John saw a trailer park/farm community. He asked me how they survived without a grocery store. I tried to explain that the farm was the grocery store.

"Do you think you can play with Barbies and fill out your time sheet at the same time?" - my boss. She walked into the therapy unit to me making the voice of one Barbie to the Barbie of one of our clients.

"Hey Pitcher - we're talking about beer here." One of the people in the stands at the ball game on Saturday. Each game there is a "beer batter" on the opposing team. If that batter strikes out - beer is half price for the next 15 minutes. The fan was trying to convince the pitcher to stop throwing balls. Evidently the pitcher heard. The stands were practically empty for the next 20 minutes.

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