Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PSA Driving fast

On Monday I was on 780 heading East. Suddenly a car got on the freeway, cut over to my lane and flicked his lights at me. There was a car directly next to me. I sped up. The person next to me sped up. I slowed down (to get behind the guy next to me). The guy behind me turned on his high beams and left them on for the next two miles. His high beams encompassed all mirrors I had. I could not look into my two side mirrors, my two blind spot mirrors nor my rear view mirror without seeing his high beams. At that point I knew not where the car on the side of me was. Was it next to me or far behind me? I just didn't know. So I didn't know if I needed to go faster or slow down to get out of the lane I was in. Eventually it became clear that the car next to me had reduced its speed. The guy behind me turned off his high beams, got over and passed me. As he passed me, he rolled down his window and shoved his middle finger out at me. Then he promptly got off three miles after he had gotten on.

For this Public Service Announcement - I would like to help out this guy and future drivers. If you need to go three miles in a hurry on highway 780 might I suggest the following:

1. Leave Earlier
2. Grow wings and fly there
3. Buy a Helicopter
4. Rent a Dragon
5. Or you could just be patient

One thing I'd like to suggest you don't do is blind the person in front of you. This will only make you be late to whatever activity you were running late for.

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  1. I HATE HATE HATE people like that!!! A few weeks ago, I was driving to Truckee to spend some time in a cabin in the snow with my family. It was snowing on the drive up there. Apparently the guy behind me didn't like the fact that I slowed down because it was snowing, so he raced around me, flipped me off, then hit his brakes in front of me. He pulled over into the slower lane, then as I was about to drive past him, he cut me off and hit his brakes again. He did this at least five times. What a jerk.