Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Baker Beach

Baker Beach, SF, CA

I slept through church today, and didn't do much yesterday but hang out in my room and watch movies. I began to get a little stir crazy today and just had to go somewhere and take pictures. So I drove first to Richmond, but it didn't feel right. Then I decided to go to Marin Headlands, but the traffic there was stop and go. So eventually I made it to Northern SF. My dad and I had once gone to Baker beach so I thought I'd return. However, I got lost getting there initially and ended up at China Beach. I took a few shots there before a nice park ranger gave me directions to Baker Beach. I ended up walking both beaches looking for good shots, but also just enjoying the breeze on my face and the sounds of the waves. It was nice to be there.
(BTC - China Beach)
(BTC - Dogs at Baker Beach)
(BTC - Me at Baker Beach)
(BTC - Baker Beach)


  1. I miss the beach too.

  2. Cool pic! I like how the rocks act as a frame for the ship in the background.