Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Cal Maritime, Vallejo, CA

(There is usually a really big boat between me and the bridge, but it has left its home port and is out at sea right now.)

Last night my new roommate threatened to kill me. He did this as he threw his stuff against walls and pounded fists on his bedroom walls. Yesterday my landlord agreed to let me out of my contract (after my flatmate threatened my landlord as well). Today my father and friends moved me out (my now former roommate threatened to kill my father today. I feel it important to mention my father is former military). I am safe. My stuff is in storage, safe. I'm homeless but my friends have come through and offered me places to stay.
Everyone keeps asking and I don't know the answer. I think he has some mental issues but I'm not sure. I hope what ever is affecting him, I hope he gets better.

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  1. wow, Sean... You have really bad luck with having to move all the time. Better luck next roommate hopefully? (I'm glad your landlord was sensible and let you out of our contract).