Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The first few days and an accomplishment

On Monday morning I slept in, for a Monday, before driving to my new job. The drive down was 30 minutes shorter than my previous commute which is a shame because that would be the last time I was sitting down that long for the rest of the day.

In the past 48 hours I have learned 5 software programs, met 30 to 40 people a day, learned to work with 8 physical therapists at a time, eaten cafeteria food, swore off ever eating cafeteria food again, learned 20 different policy's and learned how to park without getting towed or sited. However, none of those accomplishments compare to what I did on lunch today.

We get hour long lunches, just like my old job. And just like my old job, I can eat my food in 15 minutes. Usually I slept during the other time, but I have yet to find a quiet place to nap. So today I went on a walk. First I will show you the flowers from the walk.
However, the greatest joy came when I took the next two pictures.  

Do you see her? There, in the shadow. Let's zoom in closer:
I tried for 2 1/2 years on Photo a Day to catch a picture of a deer. Every time I went to take the shot, my camera would malfunction, or I'd get a picture of its butt. Or something. Today I got a picture of a deer looking right at me, eating grass just a block west of my new office. I was so happy I texted those I could and bragged, before returning to the freight train known as my new job.


  1. head to the hills; they're chocked full of deer. they scramble to get hit by you. they live in packs and families, in olive orchards. they eat your garden faster than rabbits or squirrels. they don't go skinny dipping in your pool, but they will take out your front grill. my advice is: head to the hills.

  2. A family that I nannyed for was out in an area where the deer came by quite frequently. We got really excited in the spring when we saw the baby deer. They looked like small fluffball dogs? It was the strangest thing. Where was bambi? The cute smaller version of a deer? They were cute, but not what I expected, until a month or so later.