Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm really horrible about finding something interesting on the internet, making note of the link and then not doing anything with it. So as I clean out my inbox and bookmarks I'll just post them here.

Puppies behind bars
Evidently there is a program where in prisoners train dogs for the disabled.

Storage Drawers
In case you are considering building drawers on a carpenter's cart - this is a good resource.

Doing crunches is bad for you.

Marine Mammal Center
Opens on June 15.

Old Faithful
In case you once lived in Idaho but now live California, you can watch Old Faithful live with a new web cam. You can also watch soon-to-be-fired park workers pee into the active volcano.

When you are fighting a war, it is good to not wear bright pink boxers.

Hiking in the Bay Area
This site is great for seeing details about hiking in the Bay Area.

Black Diamond Lines

A model railroad group near my home.

Epi-pens emerging
Interesting article.

OT Schools

For future reference.

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