Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I watch him as he sleeps. As he slumbers I entertain myself by running my fingers through his hair and lightly running my nails up and down his arms. I try to wait patiently.

When he awakes, he will want to satisfy me. He’ll roll over on top of me and kiss my lips. I will feel him as he kisses my neck and my ears and whispers “I love you” in my ears.

He will hold me down by entwining his fingers in a basket weave with my fingers, stretching my arms above my head and then he will continue to attack my face and neck with his kisses. His warm breath on my soft lips, breathing me in with every movement. His aftershave will fill my nose as he kisses the tip of it before sweetly kissing each closed eye.

Eventually he will release me and I will roll on top of him and I will feel his hands as they massage my back and hold me securely in place. His head will bounce up into my approach, stealing kisses before I was planning on bestowing them. I will feel his arms as he grasps me and presses my body onto his. My hair will fly as he sinks those rough hands deep into my curly brown hair and string himself through out each last strand. My mouth will water with anticipation knowing that soon he will roll me back over and ravish my mouth. He will be between me, on me and making me wish we were married so that we could be one completely.
But until then, I just watch him sleep – content with the knowledge of what will come when he awakes from his slumber.

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