Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Clyde CA

I take issue with people that name their animals after other animals. Take this fine creature. He is a Lab/Greyhound mix. But his name is Moose. When people do that I have wonder - was it because they wanted a moose and they couldn't have one? Or They wanted the dog to be inspired to follow in the foot steps and be like the other animal (Unfortunately this Moose did not do well if that was the goal. No antlers on this dog)? Or did they just want the dog to feel bad? How many dogs wake up every morning and say "I'm never going to be a good moose. I try and I try but I'm just not moose material."?

I think the worse is when people name their dogs "Bear." "He's a tough dog and good to have around if you are ever in trouble. He's just like a bear." (Except for that part where HE IS A DOG!!!)


  1. I had planned to one day have a dog named Chicken, purely because I think it would be funny to say, "Come here, Chicken!" and have a dog run up to me. Drake has vetoed this, though. He doesn't like Diogy, either. (Pronounced DEE-oh-gee) He's no fun.

  2. It took me a second to get the funnyness of the second name. That Husband of yours is such a downer and a fun hater. Oh well. I guess you will just have to have a dog that you train to respond to two names - one that Drake gives it and one that you give it.

  3. Hey I would name my dog mousse. But only if he was a chocolate lab. I would name him mousse or charlie....I am not sure which yet.