Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The cheeseburger I'm going to miss

Brentwood, CA

On Monday my help was requested. In late September I will ride my bike for team BORP not Bombs. The fundraiser is an effort by BORP to raise money. BORP provides competitive and recreational sports for people with disabilities. (I used to be an assistant coach for their Power Soccer program).
Next week I'll start training for the bike ride which means days where beauties like this are enjoyed are going to be less often. I'm glad to help BORP, but I'll miss burgers from Lumpy's.


  1. I'm confused- what does biking have to do with not eating cheeseburgers? Why can you not just eat them and still train at the same time (or are you worried about having a heart attack from exercising after eating that much cholesterol)?

  2. Training for the ride should be an opportunity to train for life. I need to start eating healthier. The ride gives me an excuse (because the only other excuse I have to shed 30 pounds and get in shape is that Melinda gets home in December and will probably want to go out hiking). And with eating healthier (either for the ride, to go hiking with Melinda, or to be living a healthier life) I think a little less of the big bacon cheeseburgers might help.

  3. i really miss eating those good ol cheese burgers. :(