Saturday, August 1, 2009

returning to nature

Near Vallejo, CA

This is my mother & father's former couch. My parents were always really good about taking in strays - children whose parents' didn't know how to relate to them My parents worked hard to create a safe environment where my friends and my brother's friends could go if they needed some where safe.
Today, helping me move, were two young men that have a place that they go when life at home gets too intense. After Goodwill turned down my parents' old couch one of these two young men asked if they could have it for their hang out. I said sure. So we moved the couch into this wooded area and now (and until the first rain) they have a place to sit in comfort and wait for the world calm down.


  1. lol, I was thinking about the rain....I don't think they've thought that far ahead though.

  2. All they need is a tarp and four bricks. Last night it occurred to me that they could also use a couch bag to keep the rats and snakes out.