Monday, February 8, 2010

My Step Girlfriend loves me

Oakley, CA

I have been blessed this past year with a very loving Step-Girlfriend (She's my dad's girlfriend. If they were married she'd be my step mother so step-girlfriend works, right?). When she heard I was raising money for people with disabilities, she contributed. When she knew my father and I weren't spending enough time together, she cleared my dad's schedule, got us tickets to a ball game and sent us on our way. When she found out my monitor had died and my feet were getting cold, she gave me a new (to me) monitor and a new rug. She even has opened up her home to me and friends of mine for the holidays and other dinners.
Anyway, when she found out I was taking an online class this semester she gave me one of her spare laptops. I have chapters 1-4 due on Wednesday but have been super busy with my truck (and getting it to pass smog) that I have gotten behind. With her new gift, I was able to work at my office today on my homework assignments and get three chapters done. (I should mention at this point that I'm grateful to my father for programming the new laptop and for driving the monitor and rug up to me in Vallejo).
I have got to be one lucky guy to have such a loving, caring and amazing step-girlfriend.

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  1. That is so awesome! It's great to have warm feet and the ability to catch up on school. =)