Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Name that purple plant

Oakland, CA

Woohoo! It is time for my favorite game AND my favorite ecologist is back from her mission. Ready. Set. Go! Name that plant!


  1. Its called Decorative Kale. I've never been a fan of it, because it just looks like purple lettuce, and somehow, I dont think of every growing purple lettuce as being a great idea. But, its not up to me, its up to whomever planted it. :)

    I feel like I should wait to guess and let other people have a chance. :)

  2. Well the only other person that used to play this game is really busy right now (She has a toddler, pregnant with another and related to you), so no reason to wait for others to respond.

    This Kale is planted at the Oakland Temple.

  3. I think that the church is trying to teach us to live on what we plant...