Tuesday, May 5, 2009


“Carton eight eight five seven is now departing. Eight eight five seven is now departing”

Ted settles into his carton and looks over. “Well hello there Bob. How have you been?”

“I have been doing great. What life are you on now days?”

Ted thinks in his head and figures out, “10 I think. How about you?”

“I always lose track; probably the same number. Are you getting better or are you in a slump?” Bob asked.

“I was in a cake yesterday. Prior to that I was a scrambled egg. Did you hear about Fred? He came out of the Mother Ship, but just then a family dog came and scared the Mother Ship and he got stepped on. So far he has been reincarnated as a rotten egg and as an egg with a cracked shell. He is not getting any better in his reincarnations. I feel so bad for the guy.”

“Oh man that is horrible! Did he take up a plea to The Rooster?”

“He did, but The Rooster told him he should have rolled out of the way.”

“Ha Ha. That’s funny. Rolled out of the way. Man that Rooster has the greatest sense of humor. So Federation of Destination is just screwing with him at this point…?”

“Yeah. Fred has one more reincarn before he will go back to making it up the progress ladder. He gets to be a green egg first though.”

“Too Funny!” Ted remarked.

Suddenly there was a shake of the carton, the lid appeared open and a man’s head hovered over. The man checked each one of the 18 passengers before closing the lid and giving the carton the first flight, presuming into the shopping cart. A few moments later more shaking, followed by more before finally hearing the start of an engine and the feel of continued drive.

“With a guy you never can tell.” Ted whispered to Bob. “We could end up as a cake, or scrambled or something else.”

“I hope we aren’t scrambled. That would be a step down the reincarn ladder that’s for sure.”

Suddenly the car stopped, but the engine kept running. Aggressively the carton was grasped and the lid flung open.

“No way! Can it be? We have reached the top rung??”

“This is so exciting!” Ted yelled back. “If it is what I think it is we’ll be in egg heaven in moments.”

“It is. It is. We’re egging a car! We’re going to Heaven Ted! Yippee! Yipp---“ and suddenly Bob was grasped and thrown at a big truck with the license plate saying “Captain Bolton.”

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