Thursday, May 21, 2009

not vomitingthis time

Today should be marked in the history books. I am what is called a “sympathy vomiter.” When other people are losing their lunch or blowing chunks – I feel it is the responsible thing to barf along with them. And actually – it’s not just people. It could be cats, cartoon characters or little green men (which sucks for them because it gets all over their space helmets). As soon as I see vomit I’m ready to spew. (Thankfully I’ve never had a wife with morning sickness.)

That is, I did until today. Today, while working with a client the client went into his defense mode and vomited all over the unit. Not only did I not get nauseous but also I managed to keep to what I was doing. As he continued to vomit we discussed my trip to Oregon and it totally distracted me from the cocktail of stomach acid and formula splattered at my feet and on my shoes. This is a day for the history books.

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