Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take your bike to work day

I work for the health services department at a county. For some reason - they are always promoting good health. This week has been "Healthy Biking" week. Even though every where else Friday was TYBTWD, my county decided Thursday was going to be Take Your Bike to Work Day. They said in the flier it would make us healthier.

So on Thursday morning I woke up a little earlier than usual. I got ready for work and then I went out to the back yard. The last time I rode my bike was in January. So I dusted it off, grabbed my helmet and left for the day. As soon as I got out to the parking lot near my place, I picked up my bike and placed it in my truck bed. I secured it down and drove to work. Once at work I got the bike out, took it into the therapy unit and locked it in the closet. When the day was over, I unlocked the closet, took it out and moved it back into my truck.

I really feel lied to. I didn't feel a bit healthier. In fact, if any thing, my arms hurt from lugging that thing around on Thursday.

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