Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Year in Review

This year has been a rather nice year. Despite the bad economy and some serious world events - life for me wasn't all that bad. As I have done in previous years (2007 top ten and Resolutions), at this time I will take a look back and see about the top ten items of the year.

Amy. I really love this girl. She makes life for me rather simple and easy going. She doesn't care that I'm a photo guy. She doesn't mind it when I get too over whelmed with big families or big gatherings and is okay with us just going for a drive. It amazes me that I'm so lucky to have her in my life. We can spend hours talking, cuddling, giggling and teaching each other. It is so very refreshing and has been a great three months. I look forward to many more.

Vacationing. I mentioned to Amy I wish I'd vacation more and then it dawned on me what this year has entailed - a trip to Oregon, a trip to Utah that included a trip to Idaho and Nevada, a trip to Crescent City, a trip to Wisconsin. In addition to that I've had several day trips with my Dad to SF, Travis Air Force Museum, and going hiking. I have taken day trips to the city and to the beaches. I've enjoyed various hiking trails with friends and family this year. This year has been full of adventures, new discoveries and vacations both of the physical kind and just a day filled with mental health and happiness.

Biking/BORP Revolution. In August I was approached by a friend. "Last year you sponsored us as we rode in the fundraiser. How about this year you ride and raise funds for our team?" So I did. I raised $535 for BORP and I rode my bike on the day of the event. In addtion to helping BORP, an organization that creates recreational and competative sports activities for people with disabilities, this event also helped me. I started riding my bike, some times 3 times a week and for 30 miles a week. After each ride I felt more awake and more alive. I lost 20 pounds and started seeing my pants fit differently. My eating habits improved. All in all, I will end 2009 healthier because of the ride I participated in to help others. It was a really great experience.

Moving. Because the top ten is not nessesarily the top ten good or the top ten bad, you get kind of a mixed bag including this negative one. I hate moving. For the three years I lived in Rexburg I had the same address. I would occassionally switch rooms, but I never left that apartment. Since graduating from college I've moved like 10 times. Each time it gets a little more annoying and I am reminded that I just own too much stuff. This year has been filled with various moves and I look forward to the time where I move no more. Or grad school where I'll move less.

Lumpy's. Do you remember watching Cheers? When ever Gearge Wendt walked in the whole bar would cheer "Norm!" Lumpy's this year became my Cheers. Everyone is happy to see me. They care about my opinion on food and Antioch. One time I could only afford a bacon burger but a waitress (Geana) wanted me to try the special. She pooled money with others to cover the cost, because, as she put it, I'm not just a random customer. After 2008, where I struggled to fit in, I liked going somewhere where I felt like I was liked.

Negativity. This year had its large share of negativity. I had friends that chose to dwell on the negative. The pundits chose to dwell on the bad economy and all that is going wrong in the world. One friend actually sought out things that she felt were negatively written about this person - only to find out the negative comments had nothing to do with this person. It was sad to watch this person fight to confirm that she was the victim of these negative comments - instead of being happy these comments weren't directed at her. It reminded of me in the past. I used to play a game with friends - who had the more F'ed up life. I always thought I was the winner, yet really the winner of most F'ed up life is really the loser. In 2009 I tried to steer away from people consumed by negativity. I steered away from friends who focused on their failings, their destructive family history, their need to get into pissing matches, nd any other friends beset by a need to be negative. I'm not saying I'm all good or that I'm putting on my blinders when the negative happens, but this year I really saw the difference when I didn't dwell on the negative.

Dogs. Through the course of this year I have found that I am a dog person. I once feared those 4 legged friends but now - I'm in love with them.

Job. I really like my job. I like going to work every day and generally enjoy working with my clients and co-workers. Several months ago I had a poll about what future career people feel I should go into. Rehabilitation Counseling or Occupational Therapist or Social Work. No one voted for Social work and the other two were in a dead tie at the end of the polling period. The more and more I consider it, the more and more my heart leans to Occupational Therapy, despit the additional 18 months of pre reqs I would need to take to get to the point of even qualifying for Grad school. Working with my clients, though, really solidifies my desire to continue in this field.

Photography. This year I continued with Photo a Day. Additionally, I spent the last 4 months of the year learning the art of film photography. After spending this past weekend with a boy who wants nothing more than to spend his whole life playing video games, I am so grateful for the gift of photography that i have been granted. It keeps me active. I'm more observant to my surroundings (because you never known where the next great shot will be). Additionally, I'm able to produce something that other can enjoy. If I killed 3000 zombies in one 5 hour period of time, I'm not sure how that can be enjoyed by others. But with photography I am able to have a digital journal for my kids, a bunch of great photographs that capture a moment in time, and, lastly, the ability to share with others places they may never go to. Photography has been a blessing this year and one I look forward to in years to come.


I think this is a great place to also write down my resolutions for the coming year. I resolve to continue to eat healthier, exercise more, and spend less time with my computer. Additionally, this year I resolve to going camping* at least once, pay off my credit card, and continue doing well in school.

*I do consider using one of these as camping


  1. That totally counts as camping!

    Good to hear that you are doing well and seem to be happy. May you have an even better 2010!!


  2. If we can find a place to build a trailer, lets do it. I think if we are careful, we can build one for less than $500.

  3. you could always just do regular camping. it is a whole lot easier to travel with, and also a lot cheaper. considering you want to get rid of debt, cheaper and easeir might be the way to go. ;)

  4. Dad: I own a trailer that I could probably build a box for that slides into the back of the current trailer.

    Melinda: "regular camping" requires me to sleep on the ground and sleep in a tent that bears could get into easily.

  5. I wont argue the sleeping on the ground point except to point out the fact that they do make things for sleeping on the ground better. i will argue the point that it requires sleeping in a tent that bears could easily get into. If a bear is determined to get whatever is inside something, it will do whatever it has to. claw through it, they've been known to get inside a car (which a trailer your thinking of is about as sturdy as a car)to get whatever they want from it. besides, if you dont have food in the tent with you, the bear will leave you alone. they dont like going after humans just as much as humans dont like them comming after them.