Thursday, March 4, 2010

the bed of my dreams

Vallejo, CA

In 2004 I was dating this wonderful girl. One day we went to a thrift store and saw a bed that we both liked. At the time I couldn't afford it and soon it was gone. Eventually the girl went too, but my desire for that bed never went away. As a woods craftsman, I really like the amount of effort that goes into making a bed like the one I had seen in 2004.
Since moving back to CA I have longed to have a similar bed to the one we saw in Rexburg in 2004. Often times the beds I see are too tall or have a canopy or something else. That was until last night on Craigslist. Last night I saw the bed I've always wanted (though only the footboard and headboard) and it was for FREE. I snatched it right up and now it is mine. All I need to do now is build the frame. I'm so excited.

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