Sunday, March 21, 2010

I went to bed at about 1 AM this morning and didn't set my alarm. I slept till 3 PM. For the day I relaxed. I watched NCIS and House on tv. I shopped for girls on I had a lengthy IM conversation with Melinda. I went onto facebook for the first time in a week and sadly felt disconnected from the lives of friends. Yet at the same time didn't feel a need to return to it this week. At 7 I started the bbq and we ate as a house at the table. At 9 I played some video games with Dave and Kristen. At 10 I'll go to bed. I should have done my laundry. I didn't go to church because Amy, Tina, Kathryn and Bonnie were all gone - no one to socialize with.

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