Friday, April 23, 2010

bumper stuck

I'm not one for putting stickers on my truck. That said, for the last several weeks, I've been thinking about two bumper stickers I would like to put on my truck. I don't know how to design bumper stickers or even where to get one made off of my design, but these are two bumper stickers that wouldn't bother me to have on my truck.
The first one is my sense of belonging. Beyond being on Team Jacob (Edward needs a stake through his chest), I'm not really a Team Guy. I love teams. I was on the winning amateur Volleyball team at BYUI in the Winter of 2007. But that was the only team I've been on in the last several years that wasn't wrapped around helping with people disabilities. Recently I've been riding my bike. People have asked me why I ride and the only reason I have is because I want to be fit enough to help people with disabilities. Whether that is being healthy enough to referee Power Soccer Games or healthy enough to ride in Charity Rides. I used to ride so that I could keep up with the adaptive cyclist or be in good health to ref the Wheelchair Basketball Games. So I would like a bumper sticker saying that I ride for Team Blue (Placard).
This second bumper sticker might seem a little odd. About 5 months after I graduated from high school, I was hanging out with my best friend Mike. He was dating a girl who was pregnant at the time. (He started dating her when she was already three months pregnant). I had gone on a date with a girl a few months earlier. She spread the rumor that we had sex (we didn't. I'm a wimp and didn't want her ex knocking out my teeth) then a few months later spread the rumor that she was pregos with my kid (she wasn't. She wasn't even pregnant). Anyway, one night we were driving around talking about this girl and his girlfriend when we saw this woman's car. On the back it had three bumper stickers "My grandkids are cuter than yours" "My grandkids are smarter than yours" and "My grandkids can beat up your grandkids." Mike pointed it out to me and I was just so annoyed at the pride of this woman. I screamed out at her "My teen daughter is more pregnant than yours!" Mike thought it was hilarious. So I put it a licence plate frame and put it on my truck. For years it was there until it got hit by something heavy loaded into the truck and some of the pieces fell off. I would like to put it back on my truck, just as a reminder of days gone by.

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  1. Design it up in Gimp or OpenOffice Draw creating a JPG file, then have print it for you on a standard bumper sticker stock.

    OR create it and print it on you inkjet printer onto Avery full page label stock.

    Piece of cake.