Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Send Off

In case you haven't heard yet, on May 3rd I start a new job. Some how I bucked the system and managed to get a job, while already having a job. The job is essentially the same - except instead of working with children with disabilities, I'll work with adults with disabilities. The new job also comes with benefits, dental, paid holidays, dental, sick leave, dental, and payment into a retirement. Oh and did I mention dental! The position I've had for the last two years had none of that. I can now afford to get sick.
Sadly, though, in able to go to the new job, I have to leave the old one. I have many friends at my job here. I have ties to the community (I'm giving up Lumpy's and Mike's Pastry and the USA Donuts). I have irrigation "customers" out this way that I will also be leaving. It is a very mixed emotion experience, but in able for me to achieve my goals, this is something I have to do.

One of the things I do enjoy about leaving, though, is the send off. I am a good employee and am often loved by those I work with. When I quit being a crossing guard, there was an assembly where the students honored me with a plaque and a local newspaper came and wrote up an article in the newspaper. (My mother would hear people say "I heard Sean was in the paper. What was that about?" She would respond "Oh, he quit his job.") When I stopped teaching special education to move to Idaho, I was a 1:1 to a student with autism. One of our assignments was collecting attendance sheets each morning. On my last day, each classroom we went to had a small gift waiting for me and a bigger gift waiting in the office.

On Tuesday of next week and on Friday of next week, I will once again be sent off. First at the Oakley office where we are having a dessert bar. Then in the Antioch office where...well I'm not totally sure what we are doing. As much as I know I will miss all of these people, I am so grateful for this last opportuity to say good bye.


  1. Sure. You just have to drive through the rain, sleet and snow ofthe sierras by Tuesday. Think you can?