Saturday, April 24, 2010

New shoe Rack

Last night Dave and I were sitting around the house. I was rather bored as all of my plans for the evening had fallen through. I asked Dave what we could do and he halfheartedly suggested "Well we could always go swing dancing in Sacramento." I said sure why not. (It is well known that I don't know how to dance, so Dave was really surprised, but I really wanted to try something new last night).

Dave took 10 minutes and I took three to find my shoes. My closet eats my shoes and Dave's are always scattered through the house.
This morning when I was cleaning house I kept finding shoes scattered through out the living room. I just had enough. So today while I was out shopping for other stuff, I bought a shoe rack. But I just couldn't buy a shoe rack and be done with it. The first set of shoes I added to it were my swimming flippers. I'm hoping it inspires conversation with visitors.

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