Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Could I tweet a life of a super hero?

As I drive into work I listen to a radio program that has a section they call "Celebrity Trash." Without fail, at least once every three days there is a story about Lindsay Lohan or John Mayer and something they wrote on Twitter. For the last few days I've been thinking about getting a twitter acount for the soul purpose of tweeting my super hero activities. I would first have to create a super hero, and then, in 140 characters or less, create activities and a persona that would be the super hero. I have many sources to model a character out of. I could use the teachings of Batman, Captain Hammer, and my own Dad. I could look to the influences of Cindy to have the tenderness of a super hero while look to the FDNY for the rugged running-into-a-burning-building hero quality. I of course would need to create a PR campaign complete with a Super Hero Brand. But really I'm just curious if I could do it. Could I become someone else on Twitter and could that someone else be a Super Hero? What should his name be? Who should he be a super hero to? Should he be a she? Are there other super heroes out there to work withor does he work alone? So many questions - So many tweets! Once I figure out a name, I'll let you know more about him or her.

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