Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today at work there was a client who was sucking on his blue blow pop sucker. He was sucking on it for about an hour. Through that amount of time, he wettened the stick enough that it was pretty pliable. Then his mom did something that made him mad and he bit down on the stick. When he bit down the stick snapped off and the sucker got stuck in his mouth. The mom and I shoved our hands into his mouth a pried the candy from his mouth. The client was in no real danger (though he did cough a little bit as we all do when there are 3 hands in our mouths). At one point I noticed that because of the sucker, the boy was turning a different color. I wanted to shout 'HE'S TURNING BLUE!' but I refrained because I'm not sure the mom would have found the humor in my comment at that particular moment.

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