Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gratitude November 5 2009 -Post Edit**

First off. I'm conducting a poll ----------->

I am grateful for opportunities to fast and pray for a purpose - and then see the results.

I am grateful for home cooked meals.

I am grateful for volleyball.

I am grateful for all of the things I learned at BYUI that weren't in the actual classroom.

I am grateful for all of my friends.

I am grateful for spell checker.

I continue to be grateful for music, though I don't have any new bands to tell you about today.

I am grateful for photography.

I am grateful for this great time of year to go hiking - when all the bears and snakes are in hiding.

I am grateful for the legacy of my parents - a legacy that inspires me to create and to share those creations with others.

I am grateful for dental trips that come in under budget, under pain, and without a lecture. I am also grateful to have a dentist finally say "It actually doesn't look that bad."

Post Edit**
I do have music to share: Kenny Chesney, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, eighth blackbird.

I am grateful for Twitter occasionally. I wasn't able to be at a friend's funeral today but I was able to follow it on Twitter.


  1. I'm jealous. My last dentist appt didn't work like that, and I'm thinking my next won't either!!

  2. Oh by the way..... I'm switching out photo a day for teaching sean on my blog roll again.... since I didn't even realize you were updating it! ;) Sorry, I know you love the pictures, but words are what I crave!

    And yikes. Mahon and I both need to go to the dentist. I anticipate mine will involve pain, money and a bad report, since I had a cavity I was supposed to get filled before I got married but it got lost somewhere in between those 3 hospitalizations.

  3. Grr. Your readership is so high that when Photo a Day is listed my readership goes up and YOU comment more on PAD. I wish you would break your rule (just this once) and keep both up. I doubt anyone would notice.