Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gratitude November 12 2009

I am grateful for Irony.

I am grateful for none needy girlfriends. I had a needy girlfriend once and it was rough. Amy is not needy and that is a blessing I'm really enjoying.

On a similar note, I'm grateful to be out of the general dating pool. Emily reminds me of this point from her recent post.

I am grateful for new music: Bela Fleck.

I am grateful to my mother for teaching me patience. There are some things I want from different people that really I'm in no place to demand. I do not hold the market on their time. So I can either rant and rave about their time and how it is not used on me or I can do as my mother taught and be patient. I'm choosing the latter.

I am grateful to have veterans day parades. They are great places to get pictures of different performers, but also they are great places to go up to a Vet, shake their hand and say, "Thank you." It's a much better setting than doing it in the men's room at a fast food place.

I am grateful for the two years at BYUI that I got to wear a red poppy on November 11 and remember my Canadian history.

I am grateful for Fences.

I am grateful for Mahonri and his Brother Jared.

I am grateful for everyone that took the poll this week.

I am grateful for kisses from Collies and nose rubs with Burmese Mountain Dogs.

I am grateful for brakes on my truck and Antioch Muffler.

I am grateful for professional journalist that write stuff that makes me seem educated:
"Authorities said the driver had just refueled his rig filled with pears before entering the bridge."

I am grateful for humor. I had several good laughs this week with people who had nothing else in common but an understanding in the humor in life.

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