Monday, November 9, 2009

Mahon's Journey to Faith

(The scene opens with two men sitting in beach chairs, their backs toward the audience with a beach table between them. Up stage is an ocean/beach scene with bright sunlight and a big blue sky. Waves crashing can be heard in the back. A sucking sound from some one's straw can be heard and the audience can see Jared replacing his drink on the beach table between them)

Jared - Man, Mahon, this is the life. Four years ago today I was so terrified we were going be separated. I thought when the towers tumbled and the language barrier suddenly appeared and we couldn't get everyone to work through the language barrier to rebuild the towers - man I thought that was just going to be the end. All happiness was going to be gone. (He stands up and faces the audience - pointing) But this, this is great. We got a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Our women and children are well fed. The cattle are fat every year. And you and I get to hang out on the beach every day. Mahon, my brother. This is the life.

Mahon - Yup, we got it pretty good. It is amazing what we can do. Hey while you're standing, do you mind getting me a refill?

Jared - Not a problem, bro.

(exit Jared. Suddenly a burst of light shines on the stage and a cloud appears. Booming from the cloud is a voice)

Voice of God - Mahon, my child, I have missed you. I have missed our conversations. Do you feel you no longer need Me? I did not bring you from the towers to the beach just for you to sit around and drink fruit punch. There is a land of great promise across these waters - waiting for you and your families. I have prepared the land for them and it is a choice piece of land. But you will need me if you are to get there and you will need me if you are to tame it. Do you no longer want this blessing? Mahon, my child - speak unto me.

Mahon - Dear Lord, I am but a weak man and have been neglectful in my duties to call upon you. I have forgotten all that you did for me and my family and Jared and his family. How can I repent? How can I return to you and get my family to this choice land you have prepared for us? How can I be forgiven? How Lord? How is it done?

Voice of God - Your sins are forgiven you. However, fail me not again, I plead. (pause) Your future land awaits you, but you must build some boats to get there. I will place in your mind the directions for the boats you are to build. They will be small and light. If you are confused on the design, seek me out and I will come again. Pray unto me constantly and you will be filled. The time to get off this beach is at hand.

(Another Burst of light on stage and the cloud disappears and the scene is set back to previously. Enter Jared)

Jared - Dude, brother, I am so sorry. When I got back to the house and to the fridge I was just so tired. I took a three hour nap - which was probably the best nap of my life - and so I forgot to ge----. (pause) Is something wrong Mahon? You look pail, and confused. Did I miss something? Are you mad that I forgot the fruit punch? Mahon?

Mahon - We need to start building some barges. The voice of the Lord has spoken to me and we need to build some boats.

Jared - When?

Mahon - Right now.

(Mahon grabs his towel and runs off stage. Jared takes a sip of his drink and then follows Mahon off stage. Black out. Clear the stage. From the back of the House we hear men grunting and house lights come up to 50% to see men carrying the hull of a small boat through the center isle up to the stage. Stage lights come up on a very dirty tired looking Jared and Mahon. House lights fail once the boat reaches five feet from the stage)

Jared - That's right brethren - bring it all the way to the see shore. Before we put the final top on and it becomes too hard to carry. A little further. That's right, just a little further.

(all the while Mahon is pacing on the beach muttering to himself. As the boys who carried in the boat leave Jared turns to his brother...)

Jared - What seems to be bothering you? What's wrong. We built the boats exactly as you stated. The boats are no longer than the size of a tree. When the door is closed the boats as are tight as a dish. I don't think any water is getting into these girls. So what has you worried?

Mahon - I'm troubled by that last part. There is no way to see where we are going - How will we steer? If they are as tight on the water as they are on land, how will we breathe? Are we to hold our breath for a really long time? It just doesn't make sense.

Jared - Go and inquire of the Lord. He told you how to build them. Surely he knows how to solve the problems that you see.

Mahon - Maybe you are right Jared. Just like at the time of the fallen towers, your suggestion is well.

Jared - I will go with the other boys and go get another boat. Pray while we are gone and if I see you are still praying when we arrive I'll stall them with stories of how I met my wife. Who would have thought her and I would end up together.

Mahon - Very well.

(exit Jared through the house. Mahon kneels)

Mahon - Dear Lord. I have done as thou has directed. We have built these eight boats. They are according to your measurements and according the detail plans you have placed in my head. I don't mean to question your plan but I am concerned about the boats. They are tight like a dish. How are we to breathe? There are no rudders; How are we to steer?

Voice of God (off stage) - Mahon, my faithful servant, put a hole in the top and one in the bottom. When thou suffers for air, simply unstop the hole. However, when water comes in, plug the hole again. I do not wish for you to drown in a flood in the boat. As for the steering, you will be as a whale in the midst of the sea. The waves shall dash upon you and I will bring you back up. The winds have gone forth out of my mouth and shall send your boats to the promised land.

Mahon - I have one other concern. Will thou suffer us to cross these great waters in darkness or will you give us light?

Voice of God - You can have no windows because the waves will destroy them. You can't have fire because the smoke will suffocate you. I have prepared the waves and the wind. What can you prepare to light the way in your boats to the promise land? What, Mahon, will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depths of the see? What will ye?

(black out. Clear stage of boats. Next scene starts with Mahon sitting [and only lighted] SR at a desk. Scattered on the floor are various crumpled up papers and a wastebasket over flowing.)

Mahon - Maybe that would work.

(Mahon reaches for the bottom drawer of his desk and grabs some tools. As soon as he has what he needs Mahon springs up from his desk. The lights fade as he crosses the stage and the lights come up on him ascending a hillside. When he reaches the top there is a sign with the name Shelem and an elevation marker. Mahon works quickly to "molten" 16 stones out of the hillside. Grunting and other signs of exhaustion can be heard. After the 16 have been "molted" Mahon carefully carries them down the hill to the beach. Mahon lines them up 16 in a row, kneels and prays.)

Mahon - Lord, I call upon you today, humbled by my task. I know we are to be encompassed by floods as we journey to the promise land. Please be not angry with me because of my weakness. I know I m unworthy before you. I know we came to the beach and settled without continuing inquiring of you. I know because of our fallen state that we are not as holy as you, for thou dwellest in heaven. But thou has commanded us to call upon you, so I do. For these many years, despite our sins, thou has been merciful unto us. As we traveled from the fallen towers to this beach though has looked with pity upon us. Please at this time, continue to look upon us with pity and suffer not that we should travel the raging waters in darkness.

Voice of God - What would thou have me do?

Mahon - Touch these stones with your finger and prepare them that they may shine forth in darkness.

(a sudden flash of white light and then other white lights from various sides of the stage and the black out. The next scene starts with Jared and a few of the families on SL near one of the boats. Mahon runs in from SR)

Mahon - We have light! We have light!

(Mahon spills out his backpack and 16 stones filled with bright light tumble out onto the stage.)

Mahon (looking at Jared) - All we had to do was have faith, and He gave us light. He gave us His light!

(the stage dims but the 16 stones continue to shine for two seconds after black out and then they are gone as well. The curtain closes and house lights come up.)

The End

This play was inspired by these scriptures
found in the Book of Mormon.

This interpretation is my sole content and does not
reflect the opinions or doctrine of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Furthermore, this story was not inspired by this person
though he does light up Cindy's eyes
when he enters a room

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