Saturday, April 11, 2009


" May the world have his peace!
The world and peace..."
The little boy's mother asked
As birth begun

While far far away
The peace had ceased
And a war had begun
Over a missing bean

It seems that a bean was missing
And caused a quarrel
Between two governing countries

This was first cease for both
The tearing had just begun
At the hearts of man
Over a bean.
A missing bean

So all the soldiers got in their tanks
Armed themselves,
Ready to fight
They started their charge

When they stopped to admire
An infant boy who crawled out in front
Of that on coming pain
To end the day

He carried with him a seed and flowery things
He dug up this ground
And deposited the seed
He then planted his flowery things.

All the soldiers were amazed with this
That they ended their day on a joyful note
By leaving the metal beasts
And leading the way to the supper games

Hands shook hand in hand
In amazement of how a child could end
That amazing day
Which could have died
Because of a single bean.

Many years passed
And died the flowery things
And seed grew until its bloody end
When the soldiers chopped down the tree

On this day the peace once again ceased
The war had begun
Over a bean
One single bean

It seams another bean was missing
And caused an argument
Between two great presidents

Round two for both
The tearing had begun again
Mans' heart on a silver platter
Over a bean
A missing bean

The presidents sent the soldiers to their tanks
Now armed with A.K. 40-7's
All ready to act out a bloody fight

They began their religious throng
When they suddenly stopped to notice
A 15 year old

A boy who stumbled into their way
Stopping that horrible day
Blocking their rage
Blocking their hate.

The boy carried with him a small brown seed
And many pretty flowery things
And he dropped to his knees
And planted his seed and flowery things

The soldiers gazed
And when finally done he got up
And was quickly gone again

At this the soldiers finished the day
Going to feed
In a happy mood for which could have ended

Then it happened it again
After many nonviolent years
The peace was ceased
As died the flowery things
And lightning hit the tree to kill

Quickly was a bean missing
Getting many upset
Making a new argument

This time a day was waited
Before starting a war
To see if the bean
Chose to return

And one day later
No bean did appear
So off to the tanks
To make the enemy disappear like the bean

And once they arrived
In this place to die
They halted and stared
At a dead body which chose this place to rest

Which was a old man
With all grey hair
And a wrinkly body
So fragile and frail

Here he laid dead
With flowery things
And hands clasping a precious seed
Which resembled the bean

The soldiers in awe
They didn't see the enemy's bullets
Forth coming
To start a war that day

Killing millions
And striking fear
This war traveled on
For many years

With the warriors dropping left and right
And bones of the old man
Crunching at the end

When suddenly all the men
Stopped the world
And a mothers plea
Was finally given

For all of man was destroyed
And with them went the animals
And ended the blood shed
And earth beheld her peace
As plants grew endlessly

Never arguing
Never killing
Only ever lasting growth
As peace showed itself in everything

And all this happened because of
You and me
And a bean

-Written 1995

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