Monday, April 20, 2009

Those BYUI Guys

Sometimes I forget about the sense of humor that the BYUI Tech guys have.

This morning I was looking at the BYUI Web Cameras when I noticed the Temple camera was only showing the top 5 feet of the temple which was pretty much the Captain Moroni capstone. I wrote to the IT guys with the following:

I was just looking at the camera shots and the temple camera looks like it got moved. Will it be move back at some point or is this the new angle?

BYUI responded:

Hi Sean,

While it may be appropriate for the Temple to cause us to look towards the Heavens, this was not our desire here. Apparently it got bumped while someone was cleaning the windows. We should have it refocused before the end of the day. Thanks for taking time to write to us. We appreciate the reminders and hearing from our Web cam viewers.

Thanks again,

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