Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lanae Verse Four: Maybe

If she told me were through
I swear I'd die
Couldn't live without her
That's for sure

Or maybe

If she told me it was over
I'd go climb in a hole
And cover up with a rock
Yeah; a rock

Or maybe

If she told me to forget it
I'd cry the night on
I'd become dehydrated
Shrivel up like a prune

Or maybe

If she said that she wished we never had happened
I'd tell her she was wrong
And go and date
Possibly her best friend

Or maybe

If she broke all the promises
I'd lose all sanity
Ride the padded wall
And screw society

Or maybe

If she returned the ring
I'd recycle it
Forget her
And live on

But screw the maybe's
I'm always hers
Or maybe

--written 1996

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