Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gateway Yogurt

Recently Alyssa has been talking on Facebook about how much fun she is having running. At school last night Amanda talked about the joy she was having now that she was eating right and lost some poundage. A few other friends have also been commenting to me about their new found healthy lifestyle. Then in class last night, right before I learned that female humans are the only female mammals that have orgasms, our teacher talked about the three best ways to reduce stress: sleep, exercise, and good diet. Okay. I get the message. I should be eating better.

So this morning I skipped the donuts and the sugar laced cereal. Instead I bought a yogurt. I took it to work and started shoving it down my throat. Maureen looked at me in shock and Celeste simply said “You know Sean, Yogurt is the gateway drug of eating healthier.”

Great. I’m getting the gateway drug of good eats. What’s next?

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