Wednesday, April 8, 2009

thoughts and feelings

One of my "friends" runs a blog where she dscusses things that have been on her mind lately. Please indulge me with the same topic.

Last night I saw "Bolt" on DVD. I was supposed to see that movie with a friend six months ago, but she got sick. It being as long as it has I'm going to assume most of you that wanted to see it, have. During the course of the movie, Penny is watched over by her mother. Where is her father in all this? The place they are living at the end of the can they afford the property tax?

Recently I also saw "Taken." At the end of the movie - who is driving the boat? How long does it take to have the electricity turned off if it runs constantly and no one pays the bill?

A few days ago, Nina said I was a brilliant man. Why didn't I believe it until she said it? Why does her saying it both make me giddy and surprised?

My SIL recently talked on her blog about what she would do with three hours in her day that were uninterupted. She mentions that she wonders what each of us would do? I think I would nap or go take pictures.

On a blog that I read (it's a chick blog, I know), today they are discussing what being a single chick in the church means. I wonder why as a church we choose to see ourselves through the labels others create for us and not the labels God creates. I like "son" or "daughter" over "single" or "menace to society" or "convert." Because no matter what someone else's label says about us - I think our own real label should be "Child of our Heavenly Father working hard to see Him again." I wonder why we need any other labels.

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